Events Around The World Are Perpetrated By The Elite's Special Units:Ole Dammegard

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Hi Steemit Friends,

You are in for an incredible ride into the dark workings of the intelligence agencies that pull off false flag events around the world. Ole Dammegard will bring you down the rabbit hole.

Ole has appeared as an International speaker in the US, UK, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Spain and Sweden. Ole was awarded the prague peace prize. Ole is the creator and owner Light On Conspiracies

Ole investigated false flags around the world, he has looked into the London Bombing,Manchester Bombing, Paris Attacks, 911 and many others. The interview starts out with Ole explaining what a false flag is and how it is used by governments. Many of these false flags are orchestrated by intelligence agencies by using special units that fly around the world. Ole has also discovered that there are special companies called crisis organizations that put everything together, they handle the campaigns.

Many times the special units will hold drills prior to the event, sometimes weeks or years in advance. The players are always the same, they use a host of characters which they move from location to location. In many instances you will see the same person in two or three different false flags, in one they will be dressed up like a flight attendant in another they will be dressed up like a police officer.

Here is the interview Ole Dammegard explains how these special units pull off these false flag events.

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Been watching Ole on SGTreport videos. Great guest to have. Thank you X22

I have just discovered that I had (now resubscribed until they do it again) been unsubscribed by youTube from your channels, if you had not posted it on Steemit I might have missed this. By far the X22 reports interviews help develop an overhead of the events unfolding. Each one adds validation to the others, thank you for adding Ole to this end.


Seems to be happening a lot over there.

Oh wow Dave, I didn't know you were on Steemit! Following now, of course! :)

Great guest. Lots of truth bombs in this interview.

People have to come toghether for peace and love but we must also take steps to stand up for what is right.

Interesting video, especially all the product placements such as McDonalds, Nike, the Swedish beer brand. Also, I have noticed that ISIS always drive Toyotas. Like the old saying: "all publicity is good publicity"- it works for the sheeple...

Some great points here. I was watching the london building burning down at 0415 hrs showing as 'Live' on the BBC, and it was broad daylight, with people about like a working day. #fakenews

awesome interview-thanks Dave!

please follow me and I'll follow you back :D

Very interesting interview with Ole, thanks for sharing Dave.

Just found you. Thanks for the post x22report. Followed and resteemed!

Just putting my two cents in the pot, lol. The existence of steemit 'whales' is much like the world outside isn't it. The creators of any reality have more say in how that reality functions.