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I had a dream. Not a Martin Luther King, Jr. type dream. I mean a vivid dream remembered so well, and as I slowly shed my slumbering state pondering those elements within it, I am no longer able to tell where the sleeping dreams end or where my waking imagination took over. Regardless, the symbolic relevance seemed urgently worth sharing the following screengrabs of my mind.

You must live in a cave if you don't know that we are in the midst of a great extinction event caused by humanity. This is not debatable like climate change. The engines of industry are charging full speed ahead, towing behind them great weight and power. Yet these engines have monster truck wheels, not just because they are monstrous for so many reasons, but because they may see aspects of the future yet have not laid tracks there. The establishment systems are in a Death Race 2000 and every loco industrial locomotive has their best shock absorbers and monster wheels but nothing can stop the madness that's more insane than Mad Max.

Each of these unstoppable train engines of industry on monster truck wheels is hurtling towards a final destiny. Dragged behind are the train cars filled with slaves working for slave wages or in debt slavery. They manage to keep the awful machine together with their blood, sweat, and tears mixed with their human sacrifice. Their misery is short lived as all extras are thrown overboard and abandoned as robotic automation and efficiency reduce their necessity to redundant unprofitable dead weight. Eventually entire engines of industry will be autonomous corporate monopolies automatically maintained without humans, replaced by automaton drones.

That is, until disaster ultimately strikes hard enough, over a cliff, a terrorist event, or a collision, perhaps from many angles simultaneously, like having a gang of disasters kicking you until one finally curb stomps your head. Every monster-truck train-engine of industry is not just dragging behind it all of it's weight and power and employee-slaves, but also its cargo worth killing for. It's easy to recognize the fossil fuel engine which is not only the biggest but it's also billowing the biggest blackest clouds while smearing the landscape with crude black toxic tears. The nuclear energy monster train makes little noise in the press and is almost invisible but the Fukishima glow and trail of cancerous carcasses leaves little doubt of who's specter's slime it is. I don't mean to pick on big energy, but, I like to.

There are countless other monster industrial engines wreaking havoc across the lands and oceans. The toxic plastic radioactive oceans are mined to death by the industrial fishing fleets. On the land and under it is being mercilessly raped or bombed for profit, also turning it into a toxic plastic mess. All the beings are penned in industrial farm factories producing everything from McMeat to iPhones.

I could go on and on stretching the analogies, but you get the disgusting picture. There are, however, a few monster engines of industry that must not go unmentioned and are totally in states of merging into a totalitarian state. The military police state, the fossil-fuelled media, so-called government puppets, and the economic banksters. The markets will fail, the banksters will bail, the government will blame, the media will name, and we shall all cry and march into war.

Censorship of "fake news" or the ability to determine one's own truths is freedom's first casualty. When we cannot speak truth about power, we've lost all of ours. Resist as long and as hard and as much as possible.

“If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you do read it, you’re misinformed.”
~ Denzel Washington paraphrasing Mark Twain.

"We seek a free flow of information... a nation that is afraid to let the people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation afraid of its people."
~ President John F. Kennedy (February 1962).

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@FightElitesNotEachOther @EndlessExploitation @EndlessWorldWar

@FightForControl @AltSolutions @DecentralizeMigration

Speak truth about power.

Special thanks to the respective sources for the Jeff Soto illustrations, and to Jeff Soto where ever your brilliance is.

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I wouldn't mind that $19.25. How might I get it?

It would be best if you linked to the artist, to cite the source, although at least your shout out is something... It's not hard to find the guy.


You're absolutely correct. I didn't even think about it. I was trying to find scary train or scary corporate factory images then he popped in my head last minute.


You can still edit it if you wish. :)

great writing and great quotes, btw. :)


Thank you.
I don't write much here. Certainly not creatively. Maybe I should.
Your kind little words inspire more than you might suspect for what it's worth.
FYI I edited/added the link.


I'm glad... and I saw the edit.
Looks like robinhoodwhale found you too. ;)
By all means, write more!


Big one coming up.
Taking longer than I thought.
A serious topic, with some lighter images.


Thanks for the link.

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