Keep Faith in Yourself

in faith •  5 months ago

The way to give birth to miracles!

I know if I tell you that every human being can create a miracle, you will be amazed. Some of you may not believe. But it is true. We all can create miracles if we believe in ourselves. Self-belief is a power. The person having this power is sure to be able to create miracles.


Allow me to make my point clear to you.

Do you know who the inventor of the electric bulb was? Most of you do. Sir Tomas Alva Edison. When he was a child, one day he was sent back home from his school with a letter for his mother. He gave the letter to his mother. His mother read the letter. Then she read it for her son. She read opposite to what exactly was written. She read that the school wasn't able to teach Edison as his wit and intellect were above the teachers. Listening to this, Sir Edison developed a self-belief that allowed him to be a great inventor later on who invented the electric bulb.

Apart from him, there were more great people who got the result out of self-belief. In fact, all of the great people and scientist got the result out of self-belief. For example, I can mention Sir Alexander Graham Bell, the Wright brothers and so on.

All of them who are mentioned had the self-belief that they could make the impossibility to possibility and really did. The telephone was invented by Graham Bell which was thought by more people before. But none of them were successful. Alexander put some colors on the idea and made it happen. And the color was the self-belief he had inside himself.

The inventors of the first airplane were the Wright brothers. They failed several times doing it. But they had the self-belief that they could do and thus the first airplane in the world flew.

The results of the self-belief of the great people are still providing benefits to us. So, there is no need to mention the power of self-belief again.

I hope the benefits of self-belief is clear to you now. The summary of the discussion can be told in one line "Each of us can make the impossible things possible by dint of our self-belief. So, don't lose hope. Keep faith in yourself and conquer the world."

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Thanks for motivating.
Man should trust in himself, without any confidence can not touch the bulwarks

I love this post, forgive me for i will resteem it.
Thanks for the true motivation

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I always like to say "Keep the faith and trust the process".

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Faith is greater than the saint

Self-belief makes a person perfect and successful.
And the picture you posted is very good. It clearly makes us understand in one go.
Self-belief make our mind clear crystal to understand what we have to do and when.
Thanks for posting this motivation articles.

rightly said self belief is power that lead you to success and fame in life. In, between there is a typo, for Sir, "Thomas Alva Edison". thank for the motivation and a great article.

Be steadfast in little things since it is in them that your quality falsehoods.

Thank you for this. I wanted to tell everyone if he cared for himself and gave them all the attention to know himself to reach the summits