Interesting facts about men and women

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Men and women

It is said that men have come from Mars and women are from Venus. Both are contrasted polar, yet Kudrat has coined them as complementary to each other. But, despite being complementary to each other, there are many differences between these two too. To learn about some similarities and differentiations, read some further stories related to them.

Emotional needs

The physical difference of men and women, hormones vary, due to which their emotional needs are also different. The requirements are different. Women and men do not realize that their emotional needs are different because their bodies, rituals and thinking are different.


A new research has found that men can never be just friends of women Researchers say that friendship with men of women is only due to sexual activity. According to the report of Daily Mail, on the other hand, women take friendship with men unselfishly. They expect more of them only when their own relationship is in difficult.

Overweight effect

Obesity affects equally on both men and women. Due to obesity, there are diabetes, heart-related diseases, as well as the effect of obesity on the reproductive capacity of men and women. Due to obesity, hormones are malfunctioning in men due to which the number of sperms decreases. While this causes an impact on women's ovulation period


Women are more stressed than men. This has been revealed in many research. According to a research conducted by German researcher Professor Hansoulirich Wicken, one woman out of 7 women is stressed in her life, this number is twice as big as men. One of the main reasons for this is modern life style. There is tremendous pressure on the careers of the family besides the problems of their families. At the same time, on the other hand, the rate of depression in men is not so high.

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