Amazing fact about man

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1.. According to a scientific study, IQ levels of unfaithful people are low.

  1. If you are a male then do not keep warm lapatap in your lap, by doing so you can become impotent. [Source].

  2. A man without hair is considered to be 13% stronger than a hairy man.

  3. A 99 year old man divorced his wife 96 after 77 years of marriage because he knew about his wife's 1940 affair.

  4. On the television, two men had first KISS in 1927.

  5. By 2020, there will be 3 to 4 million men in China who will not get Wife.

  6. A man walks about 7% slowly with his girlfriend and wife, and when he walks with other men, his speed increases.

  7. Man can also give milk, but in very difficult situations. [Source].

  8. Much more to women than to say "I LOVE YOU" by men

  9. Compared to women, the chances of men falling on electricity are 5 times higher.

  10. Men sweat 2 times more than women.

  11. Men are more likely to commit suicide than 3-4 times more women.
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