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Using Facebook ads to increase sales is a wonderful idea. The trouble is that you have to know what you are doing or you will get lost in all of the other promoted content. You need to make sure that your content is going to be seen rather than other people’s content. This means you need to understand how Facebook works and how you can set up your posts and ads to work for your advantage. Fortunately, this is pretty simple once you understand how the algorithms operate. Unfortunately, Facebook is always changing so you really need to stay sharp. However, here are some general suggestions that should always hold true no matter what Facebook does.

Boost Posts
The best way to use Facebook ads to increase sales is to boost posts that you have already made. The reason for this is because Facebook loves it when you promote content that is already on Facebook. The reason they like this is because you are not only promoting yourself but you are promoting them as well. You are promoting content that is on their platform. Therefore, Facebook gives you more of a bump than if you simply create an ad that shows up in the sidebar. Thus, if you create a post and then boost it a day or so later you will get many more results than if you merely create an ad campaign.

Start Posting To Facebook Groups On Auto Pilot

Facebook loves it when you promote them and when you boost a post you are not only promoting them, but you are also promoting the page where the post is, and the website to which the post directs. Therefore, with a boosted post, you are getting way more bang for your buck. You are promoting both your page and your website. And, because you are promoting Facebook and a Facebook page you are given a boost by the algorithm. One boosted post gets you three promotions. This is why Facebook gives more priority to boosted posts compared to regular ads.

Go Live
Live video is taking the world by storm and Facebook absolutely loves live video. Live posts are automatically boosted and appear at the top of news feeds. Therefore, if you want to raise more awareness for your business then start creating live videos. The reason for this is because live videos encourage interaction. In addition, Facebook actively tracks the live stats and when someone is going live regularly and is consistently getting views, then they are boosted even more.

Get A Facebook Virtual Assistant

As far as advertising goes, if you want to do even better than a boosted post, boost a live video. Facebook loves live videos because it encourages interaction and keeps people on Facebook longer. That means more user interaction and higher algorithm ranking. Then, if you boost a live post, you combine all of the benefits of a regular boosted post with all of the benefits of a live video and now you really have something special. You’ve got a Facebook ad on steroids.

When using Facebook ads to increase sales you can do one of three options. You can create a regular ad campaign and achieve some results. You can create a post and then boost that post and achieve more results. Or you can go live with a video and then boost that video post to achieve maximum results. Of course, if you really want to go for it, then do all of these options. In addition, take a look at the More Facebook Everything book to learn how to really grow your Facebook presence.

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