if so how to use the fecebook is wrong, we use fecebook to be friends with outsiders to be a friend with people outside our country, that's how we use fecebook.

True being across the world and using FB could make sense but there are other ways too. Skype, video calling services, etc. When you click on the app to allow FB to access your info, all that info is stored. Why do they need to store it? You are giving up your privacy to strangers; for who knows what reason.

We all have our reasons for using or not using FB. My choice is to keep my personal and private info, personal and private.If I choose to share that's my choice; it shouldn't be FB or their sub-contracted IT companies that decide to view/share/store my info.

whether you use steem chat chat, so we can talk again in chat steem chat

I would like to ask if we can chat through steem chat only

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