Leaving Facebook Part 1 - Facebook is a Psychological Attack Vector

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"I'm leaving Facebook for good" I said yesterday night.


I don't know for you but I'm getting increasingly uneasy with the power that Facebook has. Both now and in the future. Do you feel completely at ease with Facebook?

Recent events regarding Cambridge Analytica, made me pause and look deeper into what are the dangers associated with using Facebook, AI and optimization algorithms...and now the Cambridge Analytica debacle is the least of my worries...there is something wrong with where this train is going.

If you still have a Facebook account and you agree with the content of this series, PLEASE share it with your friends or groups that you belong to.

Can Facebook Alter Our Perception Of Reality?

In short...absolutely.

It's only a matter of time before it will completely master the craft. This tweet thread done by Francois Chollet, a deep learning AI specialist at Google, truly captures how true and dangerous our use of Facebook is becoming.

Facebook has proven that it can alter our moods as far back as 4 years ago. Mind you, that was 4 years ago, they've been optimizing since then.

Let me break down how it works...

Facebook Algorithms Control The Information You Consume

If Facebook gets to decide, over the span of many years, which news you will see (real or fake), whose political status updates you’ll see, and who will see yours, then Facebook is in effect in control of your political beliefs and your worldview.

Facebook has the power to, over time, change your "diet" of information in a way that can literally change your worldview. Politics, economics, social justice and even religious beliefs...they can all be influenced by a series of "touch points" and a steady diet of just the right information.

Add to that psycho-graphic profiling on the Big 5 Traits personality scale and you have a way to quantify the effect as well as knowing what kind of information will influence you the most.


As Francois Chollet states:

A loop in which you observe the current state of your targets and keep tuning what information you feed them, until you start observing the opinions and behaviors you wanted to see.

The diet as well as the profiling can then be infinitely optimized to get the desired result via artificial intelligence...and voila, you've got the greatest mass mind control mechanism available to man.

Facebook AI Controls Social Cues

We form our personality by interacting with other people and ideas. What if Facebook, through it's algorithm decides for you who will give you your social cues?

Let's say that you share a post about a "controversial" topic on Facebook. What if Facebook tilts the conversation by showing your shared post to people who would negatively react to your article?

Overtime, you would come to either silence yourself both online and offline about such topic or even consider changing your opinion altogether. This seems to especially affect women since they tend to rate much higher on the "Agreeableness" dimension of the big 5 traits. People who are high in agreeableness tend to prefer social cohesion than creating conflict by standing their grounds on political or religious issues.

Conclusion of Part 1

If that doesn't send a chill down your spine, I don't know what would. People who design those algorithms have biases that they, consciously or unconsciously, embed within the algorithms that curate your Facebook Newsfeed.

Stay tuned for the second part where I will outline more information on how and why I'm leaving Facebook for good.

PS: In the meanwhile, consider joining busy.org...voting with your attention and time is part of the solution.

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You see this? It seems much worse.


dylanmckaynz Dylan McKay tweeted @ 21 Mar 2018 - 08:04 UTC

Downloaded my facebook data as a ZIP file

Somehow it has my entire call history with my partner's mum https://t.co/CIRUguf4vD

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Thanks for this. I just went and downloaded my fb archive data as well, and found ALL contact numbers that I ever had since 2008. Many of those were lost from previous phones. Thank you fb. LOL.

How can I do this?

Just go to facebook.com/settings and there's a Download a copy link

That's was going to be the topic of the installment of this series. Haha...you got ahead of me.

I think it is highly country dependent, they can't get away with it in the US and I haven't found any signs in my download.

Well, Big Brother IS taking care of me, I feel much better... LOL!

I stop using facebook when i joined steemit. Facebook is crap and now it is dangerous too... it swing our mood as you mentioned above. Thanks for article article waiting for part 2.

Actually what I think is that we people have made our connections to people on Facebook and they are on Facebook not on steemit. I think it's because of those people we don't want to leave Facebook, but honestly I have forgotten Facebook to at least some extent.
Facebook has created a mental grip on our minds so we feel the need to use it. But trust me a time will come people will understand that Facebook has nothing to offer and they will all look out for something productive and beneficial and what better a platform than steemit.

It's hard to leave that...especially with all the updates on your friend's life, events, birthday notifications, etc. This series is there to explore that.

Yeah, that's a problem I'm facing. I have relatives that only contact me through Facebook. My golden handcuffs.

Cambridge analytical reveals how Facebook is used as an influential tool to change the ideology of millions of people. Personally I rarely use Facebook due to lack of privicy option. Moreover Facebook is not rewarding any one for his time and creativity. It is a right time to say goodbye Facebook

Facebook does suck. I didn't know it does all that. We need to leave Facebook for good now.
We're wasting our time as well as compromising with our privacy

Truer words have never been spoken

I have also been using facebook less and less this past few months.

Besides, reading news like this one https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/facebook-artificial-intelligence-ai-chatbot-new-language-research-openai-google-a7869706.html

and watching alexa like this is kind of creepy

My confidence is getting smaller by the day when it comes to all these giants

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

You think thats weird and disturbing?
Then watch this:

That's f'd up! That is what kids are using to learn and do their homework etc.

@dedicatedguy and @laserade These links you shared are both pitiful and shocking, especially yours @laserade.

I see Facebook as a vulture hovering on our lives, eager to consume our information throuroughly and use if for whatever clandestine purpose she has. Also, the way it is suited, it is to control our lives through the infromation that is being pushed to our faces

If you are using FB, you can essentially consider yourself THE PRODUCT. Facebook is a data-gathering apparatus for the intelligence agencies posing as a social media platform. Let's not even get into the whole "fake news" policing business.

I hope their stock craters!

they've been exposed, it's always been there, they keep it for themselves who knows what they do with it?

We the people need decentralized control over our data. No company should make a profit on our information. We provide Facebook, Google, etc with all of the content to make them rich and then they do such immoral acts which hurt us all. Also FICO scores needs to end so ridiculous that the credit rating agencies have all of our information and no liability when their poor security leaks 150 million + American Records.

I have minimal information on Facebook and only use Facebook messenger to communicate with friends. Hoping we can switch the group chat to slack or some other non-invasive platform.shame-on-you-5ab55c.jpg

your messenger app keeps record of every sms done with your cellphone (even the one done outside of messenger). See @themarkymark comment link for more info: https://twitter.com/dylanmckaynz/status/976368845635035138

Good to know. Thanks for the warning.

dylanmckaynz Dylan McKay tweeted @ 21 Mar 2018 - 08:04 UTC

Downloaded my facebook data as a ZIP file

Somehow it has my entire call history with my partner's mum https://t.co/CIRUguf4vD

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Everyone is leaving facebook and I think that is going to leave a mark on the company.

its not facebook it fakebook. People nowadays are addictive to these social applications. this is spreading like a virus. A distraction of our new generation. we just sit and waste our whole day on facebook and do nothing. we can put all time in some use. like steemit it might not give you what you want but at least its not giving false hope and giving you a reality check. critic

More time allocated to steemit means you make more $$$ and help the community grew. Excellent. Thanks!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

We use our hard-earned cash to login and post on Facebook. Facebook does not give us anything in return but rather preys on us by shoving parasitic advertisement on our face. This is is so heartbreaking. It's time for Facebook to fly away from our lives DQmNkRjWYhh4v9pNEEULg8o558ttFCMDKxzAwBRkDa4evQq_1680x8400.jpg

@penking I can't get tired of seeing this meme. Epic. Lol

I don't get it...you don't spend your money to use facebook.

Well @cryptoctopus, here in Nigeria, to access the internet(Facebook invlusive), you have to subscribe with an internet service provider for a fee. 1 Gigabyte of data costs 1 000 Maura which is equivalent to 2.7 USD. Make your research. So yes, in Nigeria and in fact all the African countries, we pay to use Facebook.


Great post. I did not know that Facebook has such a huge power over people. I do not use Facebook at all, except as a chat whit friends and mostly about crypto:).

I quit right after I got into steemit. I was worried about my ability to stay in contact with my friends, but said fuck it and deleted it anyway. I'm so much happier for it. And maybe I lost contact with distant friends and acquaintances, but it wasn't enough of an issue to make me regret deleting it. I'm more of a few close friends kind of person anyway, social circles are irrelevant to me. It's one less outlet for me to procrastinate, I don't find myself comparing my life to others and their successes, and I don't have to see dumbass political comments from people I went to high school with. I’m glad I quit centralized Facebook and even more that I fount decentralized Steemit thanks to one of my friends here.

We are in a time where the battle for our minds and hearts is at a premium and the tools that take them are available to those who can pay for them. Facebook is the one we can point to but the real issue is humans need to be more compassionate on the one side and responsible on the other. I am not a fan of facebook, but all social media including Steemit can have the same qualities of causing us to loose touch with reality and each other. We have to monitor ourselves and treat it like what it really is for the most part, an imitation of life but not real life. If we an do that, we will be fine. Als0 we need to turn all of these damn things off often and go to a park.

Finally I see people leaving facebook, I have posted on the experiments and negligence and general lack of duty of care for users, of face book and software designers in general.

Please, forgive me for Upvoting Myself but it was highly important for me that You read.
I completly agree with what You did because taking control over person's mind is so obvious...there are different techniques and one of them is when a doctor takes blood of a patient and patient is far away...The doctor can affect patient's health only by treating with different waves the blood...and patient is not near...The same technique Facebook...FB does not treat the blood but does that on person's waves level. When I control I can easily mannipulate people...Easy as that...😷

step away from the crack pipe...

Thanks for Your kind words...Many things are happening and we don't know...Many techniques of curing with energy, frequences, waves are officially recognized by the Goverments of Australia, Canada, USA as Alternative Medicine, usually Class 1 with GMDN official medical code...These are facts that you can check...Reiki is a technique to bring energy from outside to Your body...Most officially recognized...If somebody can heal with that, somebody else can kill...By Reiki energy can be transffered opposite way, from the person outside in the nature. Processes are reversible...By Bioresonance machine we can screen a person and discover all physical, energy and psychosomatic influences on the body including emotions, mind,...outside influences.

To be honest, I'm very sorry that You thought I'm on crack pipe...Actually, I don't smoke, take drugs, drink pills, I'm vegeterian...etc. Forgive me for telling the truth, I had no wish to offend anybody.

You mentioned in Your text: "psycho-graphic profiling on the Big 5 Traits personality scale". So, how can that be done? By affecting the mind. How? You wrote: Alter Our Perception Of Reality...
How is that possible? By affecting the Mind. How ? Not physically but psychically and how is that ? By Algorythms, You wrote...And part of that are ? Energies or waves, frequences,....

Thanks for helping me be better person. I'm trully gratefull...

what in the hell are you talking about. its like being addicted to drugs and now im gonna kill my supplier. someone else will step in. just cure your god damn addiction

I've been done with them for years; I got tired of being data mined by greedy liberals.

Facebook is an important communication medium, the more it is going to improve.
I respect your blog on this topic

I agree completely..
Facebook is pest which we've ourselves let grow to a level that it controls us now.
I haven't used Facebook since I joined steemit.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Fake man's filler on Facebook. There are many crimes in this facebook in our country. Rape, murder, assault etc. . But yes, Facebook can spend idle time, Facebook is the best way to communicate with relative and friends. @cryptoctopus Thanks for share a wonderful post

Its good I think i left facebook about three months ago when i join this great community and i am still companing for leaving this this is the time wastage and is not secure in any case because you are not secure
Facebook has the power to, over time, change your "diet" of information in a way that can literally change your worldview. Politics, economics, social justice and even religious beliefs...they can all be influenced by a series of "touch points" and a steady diet of just the right information thanks for your information and i always compane for this just block facebook leave facebook

First you deactivate the account. Then you have to wait to delete it. Process takes 2 weeks so don’t even click on FB or you’ll have to start the process again. A class action suit against Zuckerberg et al should be considered.

@cryptoctopus ..yeah you are right.....and yes to one of your question "Can Facebook Alter Our Perception Of Reality"?... I think everyone has its experience, but at the same time it is much evident that the facebook no longer attracts users and has no perfect significance these days at all...thanks for the valuable info..

Great post @cryptooctopus. And if anyone should doubt how our perceptions of reality are already being fucked with, check this out and prepare to have your mind blown.

(Now Playing on Dtube) Inverted Reality - Media Rolled-Out Main Child Actors From Parkland School Shooting Event Made Foreboding Movie Trailer In June 2017


The writers like you need the steemit community. By doing so you can succeed in providing us very good information. I am proud that I am part of this society. I read every article you need. And indeed I responded very much to you and your articles.

I know you can climb the highest mountains. Never lose faith in yourself. Good luck!

All the best for a bright future! May there be success at every turn of life and all your dreams come true!

I'm only 28, and I use the internet often. However, I often wish I could've grown up in the 80's before smartphones, and before the internet. As much as I enjoy the benefits of the internet, it worries me when I think about the detrimental effects. The information your citing above is just one example of the societal shifts that may come about as a result of the internet. While Steemit (or Busy as you mentioned), may solve one problem, it doesn't address the underlying change to society that is the internet. Were walking on frontier soil with this stuff! Stay brave and have integrity.

After joining steemit now I don't waste my time on facebook.That is just a bull shit.It's totally waste of energy, time,valuable content and everything. I wanna say to everyone leave facebook and join steemit.Thanks for sharing.

i agree and follow you ! Please follow me back and help me out. I will upvote and share your Posts Sarah! :)

I dont use facebook. but Steemit its getting better and better \o/.
thanks god y found this amazing platform

i'll be here waiting why ur leaving facebook


I was once a regular user of Facebook. But after coming to a great platform Steemit I do not like Facebook..I think steemit is one of the best social networking sites. . There is no other benefit than spending lazy time in Facebook

I've 'deactivated' my Facebook account earlier today actually. Would have deleted it but that hasn't been an option for years.

Facebook is on it's way to a downward spiral. Zucc knows it and that's exactly why he is selling off his shares and it's exactly why Facebook is now putting out commercials in the US saying they're changing the news feed algorithm to display less ads.

It's still a data mining psych opp and will be exposed as one. There's a couple class action lawsuits filed against them as well. Elon Musk was just recently on Twitter (another terrible social site. Gab.ai is superior) trolling FB and Zucc for it's practices. He removed the Tesla page and his personal page combining over 2 million followers/likes.

I'm going to keep my fingers crossed and hope that greedy Zucc and FB get what he/they deserve.

Thats good for you to leave favebook. Its nothing except wastage of time. Try investing your time here to earn some thing valuable. By the way great post . Good for the new youngsters who arw about to leave facebook it will be inspirable for them.

I agree, Everyone should leave facebook ! We have Steemit (busy.org) . Minds.com . Gab.ai . Reddit . mIRC in different forms . Discord . Telegram . PIDGIN and all other good XMPP Instant messagers!

Just leave facebook, you dont need to download your data from there, you are more secure if you actually delete all possible things to delete on your account before deleting the account itself!

A good thing to do though is to save a copy with all the Names of the Accounts that you had connected with on facebook, so you can always reach out to any friend you had on facebook, through a new Pseudonym Facebook account you make, or just a Friends account!

Follow, Upvote, resteem my posts!

I was Flag-attacked by some angry Muslims recently so I really need some backup now!

The Facebook founder himself acknowledged that his Facebook was misused.
I told all people to be careful about using Facebook.
I myself do not use Facebook because Facebook is a social network capable of nesting that almost nostrils our society.

Began to make the move from FB a couple of months ago.

Well yes of-course it did ,information can be a dangerous tool depends on how one uses is proven again !

As a matter of fact I have given up on fb a long time ago ,since I have been here !

I'm also decided to leave facebook for good !

Facebook is becoming one of the biggest addiction problem for the students around the world. Everyday students in Middle School, High School, College, and now even elementary school are now addicted to a so called socializing website. With out knowing a person wastes hours after hours on Facebook scouring for new notification and new messages. Facebook creates horrible situation in school and destroys ones life slow, but gradually. One student might forget to study for the finals because the student decided to post the new awesome, crazy video that the student found. More than ever Facebook is becoming something harmful to the society with the way they trap their users in their website...thank you

It crazy to see those developers with bad intention.

For the last week this discussion has gone viral that #delete the facebook and even @stephenkendal wrote a detailed blog about it couple of days ago.

Let me tell you honestly @cryptoctopus since i joined the #steemit automatically i lack my interest in FB and it's been 19 days i signed i last time there.

You gave me second reason to quite the #facebook as it effects the human brain in a psychological way, quite interesting

Facebook has the power to, over time, change your "diet" of information in a way that can literally change your worldview. Politics, economics, social justice and even religious beliefs...they can all be influenced by a series of "touch points" and a steady diet of just the right information.

Looking really forward to read the second part in which you will write about leaving the facebook for good ;)

Damn !! I didnt know this ! I mean yeah i knew they bring to us only what we like to read but yeah man , the way it is happening might totally change our belief systems and turn us into a person they want us to be !!

This is completely killing of our true personality!! 😱

I share every steemit article of mine on my facebook page !! The response i get on steemit is way higher then what i get on facebook even when i have more followers there !!

Quite possible that fb doesn’t show my stuff to people there 🙀 OMG !!

I am leaving Facebook too now !! Well ain’t deleting it, because i got to spread my steemit posts, but limiting its use for sure !!

Thanks for this post @cryptoctopus !! Thanks a lot !

If I would have 175k SP it would be an easy decision to quite Facebook 😋

But seriously, if Steemit one day becomes shit, will you then also quite? Or does this somehow work a bit different because of the financial value?

When you offer no money for a service, you ARE the currency.

This is why instagram and snapchat, even while drowning in a sea of complaints of how content is displayed, continues to do what they want.

Instagram's modus operandi is:

  • Throwing out a chronological timeline of posts so pictures from weeks back can suddenly show up in your feed you refreshed a few minutes ago.
  • Using algorithms to show you what it thinks you want to see, perfect for current events and ads.
  • Using those same algorithms to show related topics, opening up another niche you might be interested in aka getting more information from you and repeating it all over again

Snapchat is just more arrogant about their goals which is why their most controversial layout to date mixes in ads with personal stories with friends.

Its also why they set up location based snaps and filters so a company can easily set up shop by making their content no different than what you like to consume.

Ultimately, these companies are all just different flavors in the same ice cream cone and really just show you that "Pictures are worth a thousand words"

I am totally in support of the post you've made. To me, Facebook is just an app that drains my data without rewards. I spend time doing nothing on Facebook, all I do is login and log out with no benefits. It gets my man angry...he complains about. Me burning my data for no reason. Steemit is actually the best social media app I've ever seen in my life. Thanks for sharing. Kudos to you.

Outstanding post.. I did a #joinsteemit on twitter yesterday and followed it and you ... Let's get together delete facebook and join steemit. s. Yes it is true that people still use facebook even though they have a great platform like steemit because most do not realize or their countries have banned sites like steemit. You know now a days I really don't use facebook because it's a waste of time and at that time I can use the steemit and earn money as well as meet with extraordinary people like you. zukerberg fear that it will disappear in the air if the steemit are increasingly popular. Thank you for sharing with us. @cryptoctopus
Come on

#JoinSteemit twitter campaign
To anyone on twitter, there's a rollicking #JoinSteemit tweet.

Facebook has way too much power and control as you’ve said. I have not deleted my FB yet simply because all of my friends are on there and it’s the easiest platform to connect with ppl besides text msg. But I know I will eventually have to delete FB at some point, I’m not happy with the direction it is heading. Hopefully it will benefit Steemit if enough ppl leave FB

I agree. The trap Facebook sets is tht it uses our friendships to ensnare our attention and holds us captive to our need to feel wanted. For older people who have become aware of this dynamic, we can resist to a degree, but younger and less experienced users fall for the trap. One idea is just to stop visiting the site. That way FB's attempt to manipulate doesnt work. But you still have an account and check it daily.
I'm not sure if replacing FB with another social network is a good solution. Maybe its better to walk away from the internet altogether, go out and breathe in the real world for a change, make actual human contact with people. The irony is that I'm typing this on my computer to strangers.

Since i am very aware of my mental processes, and ... my memory is the sort that stores data connections.

I noticed that f-c-book was f-c-ing with my feeds a long while ago.

When i used it last, i literally had to go to friend's time lines to view what i wanted to view. I knew the information was missing, and had to go find it. This got very annoying.

I also had friends on the "right" and on the "left" so i would see bunches of things from each side. When my last "left" friend defriended me (because they didn't like my evidence) i saw how drastically my f-c-book feed was changed. How much i was missing, without any way of getting to that information again.

However, the most important thing was likes and replies. I found myself craving the dopamine. I could see how people would become trolls, just to get responses.

It wasn't good. Haven't been back for a while. Does f-c-book still exist?

I watched an interview with a journalist on CNN talking about this issue concerning Facebook and Cambridge Analytica.

Some of friends have deleted their accounts, I am not there quite yet. It is sad that many users in the African continent are not even aware of what is going on.

If a users data is not safe then there really is no need to keep being on that platform.

fchollet François Chollet tweeted @ 21 Mar 2018 - 20:59 UTC

The problem with Facebook is not *just* the loss of your privacy and the fact that it can be used as a totalitarian… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

All people get rid of (Facebook) a little bit then see the result
I see the result = the appearance of other sites similar to


  1. Your data stays there anyway. Forever. Its just not displayed to public.

  2. Facebook is identyfing even users that havent EVER had account in it. Every website that has its plugin with ability to give likes or share is watching you, checking your IP and giving you a number. Your behavior is being analyzed and saved, its just that your name is a number.

  3. If you deleted your account, but they have your IP, and your IP matches one you had before deleting, they still add new data under your name.


Use browser extensions that block facebook plugins.
Adblock plus uBlock or ghostery should do.

But you know whats your best weapon against such malpractices is?
Not trusting such websites.
Myself I havent EVER created facebook account because I dont trust the:

![Those who did it.jpg]

Think whatever you want of it, but remember: it saved me from making a mistake. If it saves you, is it a bad thing? Think about it.
Every opressor would say calling them out is a bad thing, and that you shouldnt do that.

I really love your attitude, it is so healthy, im following you, hope you follow back and also, lets connect somehow. I found a great encrypted, privacy friendly email service. Its protonmail i refer to. But now we have many good projects these days. Steemit is good and i just started learning about minds dot com and gab dot ai !

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I never joined Faceache but as each avenue is past its sell by date another tends to take its place, a bit like the corruption withing HSBC and money laundering, as they are either spent or caught the same staff normally move on to the new but same outfit, as Capital one credit which was formerly HSBC, the anti fraud units within HSBC simply went to work for the new outfit, job done.

I have naturally never really liked facebook, though I have a facebook account, but with this revelation about about facebook, I will be distancing myself more from facebook.

Steemit has opened our eyes that facebook sicks. My activities on facebook has reduced a lot. With time, o will have to abandon facebook.

Thanks for sharing Facebook very nice

Wait just a minute here, people are still using Facebook?

What you have discussed here are absolutely true according to my point of view.Facebook is way which destroy the minds of people and inculcate evil thoughts in them and it is a sort of time wasting way

Facebook's superdominant position in this market makes it currently the most convenient way to reach people, so it's going to take some time before this monopolistic advantage can be reversed by its competition. And the current roster of social networks really needs that.

I would also like to mention that this is an emergent problem inherent to our current time, and not actually a problem specific to facebook itself (though it plays a massive and disgraceful role in it). Facebook is going to fade away at some point, but I think the real question here is how can we design the next generation of these platforms without them exploiting the same kinds of fundamental behavioral patterns?

I want to leave FB too but I am stuck, all my business contacts are on that platform. FB is criminal, corrupt, greedy and does not care about our individual liberty. FB just wants to make @MASSIVE amounts of profits. That is their true core mission. Thanks for sharing this info.

i too agree with you..facebook is kind of media which brings out the jealousy in people..

Totalmente de acuerdo, no soy de leer mucho sobre psicologia pero me siento totalmente identificada... a veces siento que esa red social me atrapa, me domina... me hace hasta enojarme con mi esposo... misterios de la ciencia jajajaja /
Totally agree, I'm not reading much about psychology but I feel totally identified ... sometimes I feel that social network traps me, dominates me ... makes me upset with my husband ... mysteries of science hahahaha

Facebook has been disconnected from my reality for a while. Generally every time I enter to communicate with someone specific I end up blocking publications or promotions that have nothing to do with my preferences or those of my friends.
Thank you for your concern and I will try to share this information with more friends.

I am all in, it’s great project

Yes, I strongly agree with your opinion, but I am also new in steemit, please guidance @cryptoctopus 🙏

I agree that many people turn to steemit.com, hopefully steemit lives forever @cryptoctopus

you are leaving and i'm joining for the first time. all that crap about personal privacy, ect. do you have something to hide? otherwise i dont know why one should be so angry.

Definitely agree! Facebook (and Google for that matter) has a frightening amount of power. Just imagine if Facebook wanted to convince the world that world war 3 had started. I think it might have been possible, as long as each news story convinced the readers that their own country was not taking part in the war. I'm not saying that I suspect Facebook of ever wanting to exploit their power like this, but in my opinion, one should act very carefully around any organization with such power.

That's why I'm here and not on facebook... especially with all the ads! it's more like Ad book.

Really facebook was too much Annoying huuh -_-

Since joining steem about a month ago my use of Facebook has decreased dramatically. Theres much more rich content here rather than just selfies and family shots.

I just stay on facebook for messenger now - its how i contact my friends and family

Absolutely Facebook is what you describe. I only started going on there for bounty programs for cryptocurrencies.. Outside of that, I do not use it and havent in years.

To start, on an energetic level, it is miserable since most people use it as a place to complain. Who the hell wants to be mired in all that negativity? Certainly not me.

Secondly, they are an ultra powerful, centralized organization that is outside the control of any one government. They operate in the digital realm. Sure they are a US corp which has to adhere to certain things but their algorithms, no one country can control that. Besides, outlawing it in one place only means they load it onto a server elsewhere. Problem most likely solved.

As for Busy.org, I am writing a post on it tomorrow...been using it for a while, it is awesone.

I am happy I described my Facebook long ago, it wasn’t worth it . Steemit is a better version of Facebook

Nice post facebook :) Mi Blog Upvote me

Damn man!! I was thinking the exact same thing to be honest!! I haven't logged into my facebook for months now. Although I'm not sure If I wanna completely delete my account (because 98% of my friends are still on facebook and us staying in different countries, facebook becomes essential to stay in touch), but i'm sure as hell considering deactivating my account and then reactivating it. That way most of my data associated with the account gets removed (hopefully) and I just keep my account as a ghost to just stay in touch from time to time LOL!!

Thats why i'm didn't use facebook :p

i agree with you and Facebook is really helpful social midiea
and i see Many have commented about this
thanks for sharing

Cambridge analytical reveals how Facebook is used as an influential tool to change the ideology of millions of people. Personally I rarely use Facebook due to lack of privicy option. Moreover Facebook is not rewarding any one for his time and creativity. It is a right time to say goodbye Facebook

thank you very helpful information @cryptoctopus

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

well its a big true that the facebook is a big social media network and we need to some more time to reach the facebook status but its also true that now facebook is only vaste of time and only we see the drama and fake posts with some crazy posts other wise now we dont see any talented person and dont get knowledge and usefull informations
other side i think the steemit platfarm giving us every thing the true informations helpfull knowledge and the big thing a good earning which many of us cannot earen from other works
sure i can say it a micro busines
i leaved facebook from last 6 to 7 months i didnot delete my account but i dont loging i just see the steemit when i have some free time and i want to see steemit a biggest social media which will give us only true and helpfull informations
facebook only a fraud and greedy which is earning from our feelings and not giving us any one peny in return
sure i want to hear your story to leave facbook and also your reviews on it @crytptoctopus

certainly facebook has the peculiarity of inducing us to change the perception of many things, distorting many things that are far from reality and it is dangerous !! ... thank you very much for the post

Can it alter our reality? Hmm now that's a tricky thing, we all know that our search data can be easily recorded and that's how many of the ads work. Keeping that in mind and knowing that Facebook has a massive amount of power over people due to the number of users and their private data being stored in their database. Legally they can control what appears on our timeline which in turn controls our thoughts changing our perspective in time. So they can get dominant if only we are rooted to FB. People underestimate the power of manipulation and control media can have on us, they dont see what it can do when someone has such huge amount of personal data. If Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple ignore the privacy protocols and decides to use it for bad. Its just gonna be chaos !!

I like the aspect of when you post in facebook , something negative occur like comments to get rid of facebook takes time though, but when people start to see it Limited influence on a daily basis.

I left FB about a month ago. Being a psychologist (student), because as the wise states when we think we know it all but only end up puzzle all over again. . Any way I always knew I was their product, I also could tell when I was being manipulated as well. My love and hate relationship with FB ended when I could no comment or post any longer, because of my conservative views. When I deactivated the account I gave the reason for leaving and wrote that if they did no change the way of doing business they would become absolute as my space came to be.

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you are right sir and I agree with you,,Facebook is a Psychological Attack Vector......and thanks for your advised,,,how can i do it sir?????????????

your the best

good I'm like your posting
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I’m glad I don’t have to deal with it. Never had a Facewhat Acc. You did great decision! I couldn’t agree more with you!

I am not seeing facebook as that much of a competitor. Lots of people on FB worry about privacy, how are they going to feel on a blockchain where every post is available?

Know yourself, know your rival, I have my sights set on Reddit

That's so cool to see the numbers growing off FB and onto steemit.

This is terrible. That is why I'm also not that active on Facebook anymore. Well, my reason might not be due to that but mine is due to the fact that I find Steemit more beneficial for me and my finances. So with such news, I'm glad that I've also made a move to focus on Steemit.

"...Let's say that you share a post about a "controversial" topic on Facebook. What if Facebook tilts the conversation by showing your shared post to people who would negatively react to your article?"""

brrrrr....this is frightening indeed!!!!

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Hey I just wanted to say it was nice meeting you last night, you are very entertaining 😀 Regarding your post I can't believe people are surprised that Facebook is data mining, they are the creepiest company around IMO!

I came across Dtube because I was looking for an alternative for youtube it is what led me to steemit. I am so tired of youtube showing me videos that it wants me to see and hiding and/or demonetizing the ones that I would like to see.

I keep deactivating my account on Facebook only re-activating it when I need to contact someone. But for the most part it stays inactive. I haven't found a way to just delete it permanently.

I hadn't used FB for more than three years but recently I needed to open it for some reasons. But still, I am not much active there than I am on steemit. I have found it more useful than any other social media site like FB, IG, Etc. There is also a like/love button but the steem's upvote thing has its own charms. The recent data stealing issue is very alarming and its good to leave Facebook.

Can't you just leave facebook because it sucks? I left 4 years ago, and my life has improved immeasurably. My life is still not good, but at least I don't spend any time on facebook.

My last post was my phone number. I left it up there for a couple days. One person called.

I haven't talked to 99% of my facebook friends since then. No losses, only gains.