Will Facebook's Purge of Dissenting Voices Lead To The Social Network's Demise?

in facebook •  5 months ago

Alex Jones banned, the Mind Unleashed disappears... Is Facebook's continued purge of dissenting voices on its platform going to lead to the demise of the company? Lets give it a Reality Check... and learn more about our sponsor SmartCash here: https://smartcash.cc/

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To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

As I see it, yes

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One of the best truth tellers out there!! Stay strong Ben Swann

Facebook's demise can't happen soon enough. But once it happens it will go fast. Do you remember MySpace?

Also brand new: FB has banned searching the terms "cannabis", "marijuana", and so on. Nothing comes up at all. Memory-holed.


Just another way Zuckerberg is inflicting his beliefs on the masses and stifling topics that we want to discuss and share with other like-minded people.

With all the issues, banning, silencing, lies told by FB executives and the way they pick and choose what and how can be seen by the general audience... how and why are people still using that platform?

I quit using and going on FB over a year ago... I'm less stressed... have more time in my life for things that really matter and prefer to keep what little privacy I still have in my control...not theirs.


I'm an activist trying to reach people who need the message, which tends to be the mainstream. I use FaceBook because that's where my audience is. I've pulled a lot of people out of there and got them set up on Steemit. Hopefully people finally ditch FB en masse after this latest round of bullshit.


I just went on FB to check that out and had no problem at all pulling stuff up.


On a PC or a phone?
Did you actually run the searches for cannabis or marijuana (as opposed to typing the word and looking at the suggestions)? There are zero results of searches for those words.


You're not understanding. The FaceBook pages themselves haven't been deleted. (Well, many have, but that's not what I'm talking about here.) The problem is you can't SEARCH (using the search function) for "cannabis" or "marijuana" anymore. Those searches yield 0 results. Please re-read the post so you understand. Thanks.


You talking about the white box at the top of the page where you plug in someone's name or something you are looking for?....because that's where I put in the word marijuana and those results popped up. If I using the wrong search engine, which I don't think they have more than one, let me know exactly where I need to be looking.

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Get out there and show these STEEMians some love!!

All these social media sites that have a COMMUNIST agenda MUST GO‼️ This is a constitutional republic in were freedom of speach and the second amendment will never be repealed exactly because of this type of action .

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Great explanation sir this video increases my knowledge about this @benswann

I firmly believe it will. The more they purge, the more people they push to other platforms. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face...

Facebook gave me a 30 day shadow ban on 7/27/18 they said I violated the community guidelines and showed what exactly I did, which literally was a empty gray box it literally said this is the violation and nothing was their. Of course I sent in multiple appeals all of them are ignored. It's obviously a attempt to silence me as all I post about is current events, geopolitical issues, NWO, Illuminati, and most recently the pedophile epidemic with the P being added to LGBTP also the child trafficking rape camp in Tuscon, Arizona. VOP is touching a nerve everyone should be supporting them.

Soon these cesorship will be rampant but it will bring centralized social media to shutdown.

It's happening!!

I think its a chance for new free speech friendly sites (like this one) to grab new clicks. Alex wouldn't get censored here


Less censored, anyway.

Facebook, Twitter and Google all need to be broken up, they are monopolies and they hate free speech.

NO VIDEO⁉️It must really hurt hum❓

No it won't be the demise of FB. Most people didn't even know who Alex Jone's was nor do they even care about politics. The last election saw record voting but that still didn't equal to 50 percent of people who could be voting. The vast majority of people use FB for social engagement with family and friends, most, including myself, don't even look at the ads let alone go on FB for political reasons.