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Ezira: Build The Next World.

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This post is about the Ezira protocol, not the Gravity protocol.
Ezira will be based on the steem blockchain model, but will use a different, more fair economic distribution, and will include IPFS file links natively in each post. IPFS nodes will then be rewarded when a view transaction is created that lists them as a file host. These nodes will be called SuperNodes, and will host a full copy of the Ezira blockchain, and offer IPFS filehosting. Sia project is an excellent way for data storage to operate on chain, and Ezira was inspired by the design in its approach to file storage. Ezira however, uses new coin issuance to reward file hosts instead of individually established file storage agreements, allowing the cost to be spread over the network, and enabling users to access free file storage up to the allocation that they are reserved for by holding EziraPower.

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I was reading about Gravity Protocol as it will differ from that and the rest that it manifests