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por lo que veo es una nueva plataforma blockchain, pero seria bueno que nos traigas más información de este proyecto

Show me the platform and maybe I will join. Product not promises ;-)

The Ezira Blockchain will have multiple base layer cryptocurrencies. EziraCoin will be the base currency of the platform, issued in each block at a linear rate of 10,000,000 per year. The Ezira block time will be 3 seconds and will issue 1 Eziracoin per block. Users will receive earnings for if they vest EziraCoin into EziraPower, which will convey voting weight.
I also think that it biuld our next world .
Thanks for your valuable post @dahaz159


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thank you for responding ,, is it safe?

What is the difference between gravity protocol and other similar projects like sia, storj and maidsafe?
Personally I like sia project.


This post is about the Ezira protocol, not the Gravity protocol.
Ezira will be based on the steem blockchain model, but will use a different, more fair economic distribution, and will include IPFS file links natively in each post. IPFS nodes will then be rewarded when a view transaction is created that lists them as a file host. These nodes will be called SuperNodes, and will host a full copy of the Ezira blockchain, and offer IPFS filehosting. Sia project is an excellent way for data storage to operate on chain, and Ezira was inspired by the design in its approach to file storage. Ezira however, uses new coin issuance to reward file hosts instead of individually established file storage agreements, allowing the cost to be spread over the network, and enabling users to access free file storage up to the allocation that they are reserved for by holding EziraPower.


I was reading about Gravity Protocol as it will differ from that and the rest that it manifests

wow... "Permissionless Innovation" exactly what I have been looking for... ;-p

I have a few Questions about this new sozial network:

  1. How does it differ from STEEM/Steemit? What will it do better?
  2. How will the data be stored/calculated? Is it like steem on giant Witness servers or actually distributed to the clients of every single user?

Ezira will differ from Steem in several ways:

  • It will have a different content reward algorithm that includes stake weighted views, in addition to votes
  • It will have an integrated decentralized exchange for creating cryptoassets and trading them.
  • It will have an integrated peer to peer marketplace for listing products for sale and a mediation system for making purchases securely and fairly.
  • It will store content files on IPFS nodes, that are operated by users on data servers in exchange for Supernode Rewards. Every user will be able to download their own IPFS node software and host Ezira linked content on their own computers, and if they make a Supernode, they will be paid to do so.
  • It will offer users the ability to post and transact using a personal profile account linked to their identity, a persona account with no identification, or anonymously.

There are many more improvements planned, and you can learn more at


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AWESOME. Anything that involves getting paid for social media is a huge opportunity in my opinion! @dahaz159

Thanks for giving more update about on blockchain and others related steemit issues. Because of you I could get able to say more on blockchain as a professional now. Keep the good work flowing man

I love your post, keep it up, contributing to the good cause of #steemit, from #venezuela supporting your work

This ad didn't say anything. Very vague and no working product/service. I'm not saying this is a scam, but it sure doesn't deserve $750 worth of the reward pool.


The video is a very high level overview of the goals of the Ezira project. The post received over $750 SBD worth of upvotes, because they were purchased using bid bot voting. This in an economic flaw in the steem blockchain that allows content creators to earn a profit by paying large stakeholders to upvote posts. Ezira plans to fix this fundamental issue. You can read the Whitepaper to learn how.


No offense, but this is not a high level overview. I could make the exact same video if I wanted. Drone footage, filming people holding their phone while showing no demonstration of a working product.

If bid bots are a flaw, why are you using them to profit? Pretty ironic if you ask me.

A whitepaper can address a problem and provide a theoretical solution, but a working prototype can confirm that it actually works and doesn't in fact create new problems in the process. I am more likely to invest/care in a new platform or whitepaper if I see something working. But if all you have is a whitepaper, I'm afraid I don't have the time or patience to read it.

Not saying this is a scam, but you could have posted a better video and a better time and not tried to simply promote this one to #1 of trending.

So, for some transparency. Do not forget to mention that you are the Chief Executive Officer of Ezira (
Also, I don't understand why you payed more than $500 to promote something that is pretty empty for now?


I kind of think they are on to something. No one said they can't use some ideas from steemit and make their own platform. Just remember that people laughed off steemit too. I know millionaires from steemit, in the beginning people around them thought they were nuts. I must say that they look very professional in the way they have approached it.


Into what? I mean, the website is an empty shell. You don't spend 500USD into Bid Bot for just two PDF and not a single line of code.
For example, they claim that Ezira will, I quote,:

EZIRA brings your content to life:
Share any files with the world by posting them to EZIRA, and earn rewards.

Source: Slider 3

You can't freely host, share files and get rewarded to do that. You'll need tons of servers hosted everywhere in the world, and even in a decentralyzed way like IPFS ( ) you need to pay to host your files, nobody will host your files for free.


Isn't it weird? Why would you advertise an empty platform for a lot of money?Unless you want your visitors to invest into your crypto which basically has nothing behind yet.... I guess I just stick to Steemit.


Please consider reading the Ezira whitepaper and investment thesis to learn how the Ezira blockchain platform will operate. It is the intention of this video to reach out to new community members to join the project, and to engage new investors to the Ezira preliminary ICO. This advertisement did not cost a lot of money, and in fact, due to economic flaws in the steem blockchain, earn a profit by utilizing bid bot voting. Ezira plans to fix these flaws to enable more transparent and effective promotion of posts for users and businesses. This will allow businesses to pay the blockchain community for post promotion, and allow content to be sorted by quality more accurately, instead of just using stake weighted voting.


The key here,as you said,is the "will operate". Once it does,I'm sure this is going to be a fantastic platform and many of us will look into it.But personally me would never invest into something that doesn't exist yet and I can't even see what am I getting into.So many things can happen until you launch.....


Yes, I am the founder and CEO of the Ezira project, something that is transparently visible on The video is to promote the project and engage the users of Steemit to look into the proposal for improvements to the steem blockchain model. The Ezira project is in the Preliminary ICO phase, and is seeking funding to develop the pioneer release, and establish a full time development team. The project has raised over $70,000 for the development of the MVP testnet release.

I watched this video hoping I can better understand Ezira. Unfortunately I still don't know what it is.

Can you sum up what Ezira is?


Ezira is a social media protocol that allows people to post anything, trade anything, and build digital businesses.

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oowww Show me the platform and maybe I will join. Product not promises ;-)

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Just seen the words Transhumanism on the site. Gives me the heebyjeeby's. That's close to Eugenics invented by Nazis, sickening. Not the future I'm looking for.


Heebyjeeby's aside, Transhumanism refers to the community of proponents of voluntary technological improvements to the human body. It does not, and will never, have anything to do with Eugenics. The National Socialist Workers Party of Germany also did not invent Eugenics. This is incorrect. The concept has been around for a much longer time, and is diametrically opposed to the ideals of transhumanists. Consider reading my article on the subject

So far I'm impressed. My only concern is that I don't know what Ezira does @dahaz159..

Thanks for the nice video | Yes we are going to the new world soon, welcome all to the new world | a new future

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