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RE: Tokens will soon be here on Steem with Steem-Engine and a FIAT/STEEM exchange is being developed called

in #exyle2 years ago

this is exactly what steem needs, to stretch out far and wide. cast that net of 'look what's being built over here' -- this is real progress.


You got that right! This is awesome progress. I have send you 10 EXYLE tokens! Let me know if they are in your wallet on Steem-engine.

yep, i got them! thanks buddy! :) -- sweet!

So for 100 steem you get 100 ENG, and as long as you hold 100 eng, you can create a token? or you can create as many different tokens as you want?

You can create a token and it will burn the 100 ENG.

I have send you 10EXYLE tokens so you can see what it looks like.

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