STEEM: current prices a dream or a nightmare?

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The last time it took me 7 months to earn 20k Steempower.

This time around it only took me 2 months.


Well I bought most of it.

And it's getting easier and easier with STEEM tanking the way it's doing right now.

I think it's bullshit and fantastic at the same time.

This blockchain is far superior than most and I'm buying.

But it's misunderstood.

And I'm starting to understand why.

I think many people are here to earn money and not to spend (invest) it.

Which makes sense because that's how the platform ( was always advertised and I guess still is.

"Your voice is worth something"

But truth be told.

I can no longer 100% advertise this platform to anyone as a platform where you can earn money to blog.

And even more truthful I don't want to.

The blockchain is changing.

I have seen it coming for a long time and have mentioned it in my blogs plenty of times.

I would now advertise it as a blockchain that will:

"Empower anyone to tokenise the web and implement a blockchain with ease."

Which is what is happening looking at the bigger picture and all the (working) projects developed on this chain.

But there is a problem.

This blockchain is not seen like this. YET.

Past events gave it a bad name in the crypto space that still haunts it today. (I recently read an article stating we still have a 100% inflation...for instance (not true = 8.8% currently)).

Now. The implementation of the blockchain with ease part works great already, all the projects use the Steem blockchain to either reward users, to fund their project or to prove digital ownership.

And there are so many of them!

We have live streaming and video hosting (dtube/dlive), Steepshot( instagram clone), Steem Monsters (game), Fundition (kickstarter clone for crypto), Partiko (mobile app), Appics, and so many more see more.

It's truly wonderful.

The tokenisation through SMT's of these project is now what I'm waiting for.

And it will all be run by STEEM.

It's a recipe for success in my opinion yet we find ourselves in limbo for the next months until Smart media Tokens come out with a blockchain that is misunderstood.

Which offers opportunity.

When I invest in STEEM today I invest in more then just a token to reward content creators.

I'm investing because it will be needed to run the all the SMT's for the Dapps and it will be the only trading pair vs the SMT's.

I think it will be worth a lot more in the future.

And when you look at it like that current prices are a dream for me.

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(I recently read an article stating we still have a 100% inflation...for instance (not true = 9.5% currently)).

It’s lower than that, already below 8.8% and dropping.

The formula for determining the current rate of inflation for the creation of Steem tokens is
((978 - (head_block_number / 250000)) / 100)

so currently

((978 - (25895254 / 250000)) / 100) = 8.74418984%

Yeah, I might be a nerd. 😅


Thanks man! Great info! Updated.

That is so true.
#steemians need to see the bigger picture.
Price is a factor for a short gain.
As a whole the apparatus for steem is what makes it moving.
Witnesses and steem power, pretty soon SMT.
Somehow you need to be strong somewhere.
Keep on postin'

I love that Steemit is becoming everything. I’m like you and hope to buy in even more and beef up my account. I fully believe that Steemit will have so many uses

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I love your enthusiasm! Just remember Steem = the blockchain, STEEM = the token and just one of the awesome Dapps (like Dlive, Dtube, Steepshot) build on top of Steem.

When you don't have fiat it is nightmare.


Lol, Totally!

I predicted this was going to happen over a month ago. I mentioned Steem is not holding value. Maybe it's time developers consider changing the economics so that Steem is burned as fuel?


29 days ago you wrote here:

As the price of SBD is now under $1 and the price of Steem is also under $1 it is now a good time to hoard Steem and SBD so that is what I'm going to do until the market settles.

Can you point me to the article where you say Steem holds no value?


I've been saying for a while that Steem is losing value measured in BTC. In more than one post. The problem is that the economic model for Steem isn't profitable. So Steem Power isn't going to be attractive when it's leaking BTC value.


Many coins are losing value measured in BTC.

STEEM maybe more than most but then again I can offset the loss because STEEMPOWER allows me to generate more STEEM even though the price is going down and I cannot do that with my other investments.

With the release of HF20 soon and later SMT's Steempower will gain more use case and value far beyond a token to reward content.

I'm happy we now have release dates.

I think the current economic model works well for now but will be greatly improved upon with SMT's and resource credits.

I'm looking forward to the next 6 months. Much will become clear about where STEEM stands. I believe it will be pretty good and acting accordingly.


Just because Steem is failing among many it doesn't mean Steem is as successful as many. For years Steem has been using BTC value not just for the past 6 months. Only for small intervals (months here and there) has Steem been profitable in BTC.

If Steem cannot hold value as good as BTC why not just buy and hold BTC. No reason to go through the effort to acquire Steem. SMT will not get here until 2019 so we have a long wait.

If JUST STEEM was down this would be a nightmare... but almost ALL altcoins and even bitcoin has taken massive hits... I think this is a golden opportunity (not financial advice) to add more steem power to your account and continue earning more steem before the price jumps back up. Ask yourself, do you think steem will go above $1.00 again at some point in the future? If that answer is YES then I would buy as much as I can NOW when its this price... EVEN if it goes LOWER! Just my own opinion :)


I agree. It's how I see it too. I'm averaging in.

To be honest this is just a great time to accumulate steempower and to get noticed before the flood gates opens and a lot of awesome content creators jump aboard the steem train


Steem is near all time low prices. Lower than it was for most of 2016 even.


Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 11.32.29.png

All time low was 7 cents and that was in 2017. Chart = USD/STEEM.


USD price is meaningless. Unless we are all in this for the USD. What was the lowest BTC price of all time?

The lower it goes the more I can buy. The blockchain ecosystem isn’t even born yet, there is obviously a risk in being involved in new technologies, that’s why it is better to invest what you are comfortable to lose eventually. I think that Steem tanking is a great opportunity to be honest :)


The problem is the price of Steem in BTC is going down. If it were only the price in USD I wouldn't be concerned.


Steem is actually approaching all time low prices. We haven't seen prices this cheap since Feb 2017.


All coins are loosing against BTC, because people enter and exit the market through it, plus miners tend to keep the price above 6k, it’s simply due to how the market works currently.


Not all coins are. And even if you say all coins are on this day it is not true that all coins are doing so consistently like Steem is.


In BTC? Dec 2017 we had these same prices. In USD STEEM was 15 cents Feb 2017.


It's not about USD. In Dec 2017 you are right we did have these prices.

I was trying to explain to a group of people what blockchain was the other day and it was so easy to just show them Steemit. They might not be able to wrap their minds around the concept of blockchain, but they can wrap their heads around what Steemit is and what it does. Besides the social interaction, I think we all need to admit that on some level we are here for the income even if it is slight. Once you snag up the Steem at these crazy low prices, what do you see as being the best way to invest that in the block chain for a decent return? Especially if the rewards for actually creating content continue to decrease or become harder to come by?

They are a dream for me too @exyle. I wasn't able to buy at all until they dropped this low. Like you I am seeing them as an investment for the future. Same for Steem Monsters and Actifit. 😁


Maybe! a dolphin after all :)

that’s a really good point man. this is so much bigger than just a blogging platform now and like you mentioned...the apps and potential smt ‘s are the future.

myself. i’m thanking my lucky stars i can buy steem and power up cheap right now lol loving the discounts :)

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Agree that steem has a good side and not so good one, @exyle, and that they have done a deceptive advertising! It is not easy. It is not to create content and already have money. It requires investment, not only money, but also time. And you only dedicate time to what you like, to what you think can offer you profit. I think it's worth betting on! A hug


It made sense when it was just but not anymore with the current roadmap. It doesn't mean that content creators will be left behind. SMT's will take over the reward roll.

Cheap Steem #dream. Now it is time to start buying again. If it drops more buy more, that is how it is.

We have to look for the long term at steem @exyle so I already bought steem at .87 cents at it still dropped >o<
Well that is life.


Me too, but I'm averaging in. I don't where the bottom is.

I have to agree with you, this prices spread mix feelings, but the reality is that this price evolution is part of the process, so its better to see the bright side, and as you mentioned, take advantage to reach your goals and collect STEEM while it is so cheap and undervalued.

STEEM has such great projects that I just don´t understand how people don't realise that, and the price of this coin/project keeps following all the others altcoins.


Haha, I feel that too but then again there are many things in crypto I don't always understand. It's the wild Wild West of investing but I believe Steem will be one of the blockchain that will come out on top (eventually).


Yep! Eventually .D

I look at this as an investment. If you are here looking for easy money, those days are long past.


I agree. Things have changed.

That is true, I've missed the old @exyle

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Current price of Steem is just $0.67. Bitcoin price is still over 6000. I could not understand why price of Steem is dropping so low! After announcement of HF20 and SMT, its price should have gone up but opposite is happening. Some whales like @grumpycat has powered down and leaving this platform. What is happening here?

I believe this is short term downfall and it will bounce back soon and create it's all time high. That hike will surely increase good account value so need to hold.

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"Empower anyone to tokenise the web and implement a blockchain with ease."

If this is true, then Steem has a huge problem, because there are way bigger and already working projects out there with this exact premise. There is TRON and EOS who do exactly that - they are Blockchain OS.
For me Steem was always about monetizing Social Media and the much talked about "proof of brain".
If this is not the case anymore, then there is absolutely no reason for users to spend anymore time here.
Especially if this really should be the focus for Steemit Inc for the future, it makes no sense to power up unless you are a dapp developer.

TIME to accumulate. I didn't spend $ I couldn't afford to and have a habit of not doing this. I would recommend this mind set to everyone so when these times arise you are positioned to make a move. Steem is AwEsOmE and IMO not going anywhere. These prices are a blessing and should be taken advantage of. One day we'll look back and some will be floating on a cloud while others will feel like shit. Plan accordingly and make your moves. I wish you all well!

The price is a nightmare! Since beginning of the year the price is falling and with it the market cap position. I am really frustrated about this as STEEM was my absolute favourite and should be in the top 10 based on its usability alone. If you than compare all the dapps that are already build on EOS compared what we have on Steem the picture gets really sad. I like your positive attitude but think Steemit mist to take advantage of the momentum we got with DTube and DLive and invest in it heavily to enhance it to flagship dapps.

A Dream ... much lower and I will be able to buy some.

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It's all a nightmare unless you just HODL in a few respectable coins. STEEM, EOS, NEO and STELLAR for me. Ether is freaking me out a bit.

I not have lot... but I was buy what my last 40 Euros also some steem ... I think it is pest time to buy ... if you not have lot then buy just small part .

Those were strong words @exyle.. The blockchain is really taking a different dimension... I now have to make future plans for it.

I am aligned with this investment thesis as I have seen how the Steem blockchain has morphed into a growing ecosystem that is broadening its reach to everyday activities in the life of individuals like fitness with @actifit and gaming with @steemmonsters among others! Buying down here as well but hoping to continue earning with active engageme with the community.

STEEM: current prices a dream or a nightmare?

Both! 😱 & 😃

Many steemiens are used to living of Steem rewards. They used their rewards to pay bills... Now with Steem price too low, they are forced to power down. Unless this drains out, unless people stop powering down for that reason, Steem price will plunge even more. It sucks, but at the same time, it’s great opportunity for new investors. I’m glad I reconsidered buying Steem at $1.00. My cash is now ready if Steem drops to $0.50. I may use it as a swing trade, because Steem will be ”extremely” oversold as it already is oversold.

For some people steem became their job and the only way to survive, @exyle. It's hard to save, invest!

Agreed- no need for real worry.

Thanks for your thoughts and the interesting facts.
Steemit is a great world and im curious about the future!It's part of every crypto currency that prices rise and fall, it is important that you stay on the ball and don't let yourself be deterred by price fluctuations.

It is a fact that how Steem is perceived by a lot of people is not correct... It can take a while before that changes... But I am sure SMT's and the upcoming hardfork will change some things. Further on, all the new platforms that are created will eventually create a new vibe and perception... I am sure Steem can get to 6 or 10 USD again, which is at least 10X what it is now... So a no brainer to invest imho!

Dear @exyle sir!
As you said Sir, you had spent precious months with you to earn 20k steam power and when this time you only took 2 months to come as low as possible, then there must have definitely been some change in steamet, It must have happened. Sir please try to tell me that steam tanking blockchain is considered to be a better option than others.
Is the blockchain already in better condition? Is this project meant to reward Steam Blockchain users? If this happens, then the steam will become very valuable in the coming time and all the streamers will be happy.
Thank you Sir Very much.

It’s a dream for sure, I’ve also been buying whenever I have spare cash as it’s going to go back up and I’ll have made money by investing. Also by powering up that steem you can earn better rewards from your content. We won’t see these prices again for a long time if ever once the prices start going back up in the crypto market. When I first started crypto barely a year ago prices of all coins were like 8-9 times higher than now. Now is the time to stack away those cheap coins like a squirrel storing nuts for the winter. I’m tempted to just buy one bitcoin stick it on a ledger nano and throw it in the cupboard. 😀😀😀😀

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Nice article!!!


You just nailed the market situation with this sentence lolx :D

I think it's bullshit and fantastic at the same time.

I think it is the best time to invest as much a one can. Sooner or later steem will go up to $ 7. One should think like an optimistic ;)

the people will slowly realise the worth to invest in it too many comes for free money but the truth is if one do proper work they can really make something big on this platform but its all about the time right now the prices are really scary if someone hold from the high prices

Hi @exyle, I was a bit shocked when I first read the beginning part of your post because I just started on @steemit, I was thinking you're asking us to just give up. Lol. But at the end I now understand it better and believe it is in line with what am doing. Your writing style is great and captivating and am on your back tapping as much knowledge as I can. Cheers mate

Hi exyle. Everything you say makes sense and I like you am very positive and looking forward to the next 6 months.

Cool but maybe we have to wait 2 years with the fantastic prices?

The idea is to accumulate Steem Power.. if it drops below a penny I can accumulate a million Steem ..

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It is unlikely to dip below a penny. It is already near all time low prices.


No... it was at .07 once

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And how much was it in BTC? You could have just held BTC. No reason to hold something which is losing in BTC even if the dollar value goes up. Dollars aren't assets.


Well, then is definitely time to hoard and accumulate... Not?


You are one intelligent man @pele23!
(this is not financial advice 😉 )


I recently read an article stating we still have a 100% inflation...for instance (not true = 8.8% currently

I saw that too, I can't remember where, Trybe maybe.

Oh I don't have much now but I am trading up on binance and I am gathering it slowly as I do not have the money to buy.

I am gearing for the smt to launch and what a blast it would be then. Come what may, steem has come to stay

You're right man. I don't see Steem as a blockchain for blogging. To be honest, I kind of think the blogging aspect hasn't been very successful. Most people don't even read the posts or videos because there is money involved. I think STEEM can represent far more than what it initially was. It is a megablockchain that can facilitate the development of decentralized apps that reward its users for some type of contribution.

Como siempre creando contenido de calidad, lastima las barreras del idioma confieso que traduzco todo para poder leerte cada vez que tengo la ocasión saludos y mis respetos mi apoyo con mi voto.