Powerup Statistics #17 - July 24th - August 5th.

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Every two weeks or so I like to compare the current power-up statistics and see how we stand.

Here they are:

24 July 2019

STEEMPOWER198,5 million (+0,3 million)
LIQUID STEEM119,2 million (+2,9 million)
SBD8,3 million (-0,6 million)

Virtual Supply ≈ 351,502,332 STEEM

5 August 2019

STEEMPOWER198,8 million (+0,3 million)
LIQUID STEEM121,3 million (+2,1 million)
SBD7,9 million (-0,4 million)

Virtual Supply ≈ 355,061,189 STEEM

This report is pretty similar to the one from 2 weeks ago.

A lot of extra liquid STEEM has been created through the conversion of SBD.

The only plus side I can see from all this is that it will end at some point.

At the current rate and STEEM price probably another 18-20 weeks of conversions to stop it or if we are lucky a significant increase in STEEM price will stop it instantly.

Two way to look at this.

I see it as an opportunity to add to what I have (because I use Steem every day and have done the research) but I also fully understand that some investors wouldn't want to touch it with a stick.

Especially when you see BTC tearing it up currently leaving all alts crying in its wake.

A positive point about this report. The amount of STEEM powered up is still going up even though Steemit Inc. is still powering down and some other big accounts too.

Other people are buying/stacking SP.

I am one of them.

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I guess this is the right time for me also to power up my steem...

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It's time to start burning steem for steemit Inc or only power down around 1$.

greetings, @exyle

thank you for share with us

#spt #battle #palnet #steemace

Steem doesn't seem to be stopping at all in the supply damn

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It is scary of the number of liquid steem available on the free market!

Steem on Sale and available given the supply! I can’t buy enough to buy Splinterlands cards with!

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I’m also stacking as much as possible. At the end we all become orcas or whales here 😂😂

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me neither

I really would have thought we would see more significant growth given the price of Steem being so insanely low right now. It is almost getting to the point that I could justify spending some of my savings to purchase a bit more. I don't plan on doing that unless the price is just right though. It is my savings after all :)

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very nice

Well if you're a developer or tribe owner or looking to become on and use this blockchain now is a great time to pick up more and more SP especially if SMTs do launch, also gives projects currently running an opportunity to pull in more SP to support themselves and their communities.

Once we can give communities RC's to onboard free accounts based on their holdings I think we'll see holding SP seem like something worth doing,I don't think many authors feel like holding SP is valuable to have a stronger upvote these days


i will made a post about it, man!!!!

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You are correct it changed. I have crossed that sentence out.