Powered up another 2500 STEEM.

in exyle •  3 months ago 


The meeting from yesterday in Rotterdam boosted my spirits even more about Steem.

I also realized I know a lot about Steem. Probably more than most.

I'm hoping to be at least in the top 100 of people that know the most about Steem in the world.

That would be cool.

Anyway, words are nice, but actions speak louder.

I did the research and therefore I invest with confidence almost daily now.

I bought some more STEEM this morning for the best price yet.

I'm adding months and months of blogging efforts and hard work for 'pennies' to my account weekly.

Every day is firesale IMHO.

All 20 witnesses are now signaling Hardfork 21.

5 more days for New Steem.

I am part of witness @blockbrothers.

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  ·  3 months ago (edited)

From your last post which told me about meeting with @vincentnijman and @yangyanje and discussing for 4, 5 hours I followed and tried to reconstruct how a meeting without knowing each other first and then can have a long discussion. Of course there is more value to be achieved.
then when I read this post you power up 2500 steem.
Congratulation for your Power Up!
Of course this is one thing that everyone covets. because of course you have taken the next step forward after HF21.
By the way, speaking of power up, there was an idea initiated by @streetstyle under the name SPUD (Steem Power Up Day) which will take place on September 1st. I am very happy with this idea and I think is in line with what you are doing today. September 1 will reach SPUD round 5, and using #pud5. SPUD5 also received support from other steemians such as @xpilar, @sultan-aceh, @jeronimorubio, @jlsplatts, @traciyork, @flipstar, @davedickeyyall, and @taliakerch and many others. I also strongly support this idea. we hope that more people will support it, both whale, ocra and dolphin.
I remember last SPUD, in SPUD4 which took place August 1, you also power up then you post it. Dis you know it was a big news for me for us, as supporter of SPUD. You have make a real support for SPUD.
Thank you @exyle.
Warm regard from Indonesia

It’s funny that you say that you know a lot about steem. I recently realized that I know more than I thought as well and would love to hold hands at the top 100 💯 😊 BTW I chose to slow down blogging but never stopped to believe in this community.

  ·  3 months ago Reveal Comment

Hell yeah! I am aiming for 5000 SP now, getting there sooner or later!

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I see a lot of great initatives rising on the blockchain :) so I have a great confidence in Steem too. I do think can learn some ropes from you, so keep them vlogs comming :)

I'll keep vlogging!

That's awesome :)

Wow, look at you go rockstar! Congrats on the powerup! I am hoping to powerup some more myself here soon. I might wait for the next Steem power up day thing though.

I am hoping steem stays low of a bit longer. I am planning on powering more steem myself as soon as I am able to cash wise.

The more I see/read everyday, the more exited I am to grow my account for myself and for the benefit of others and the steem community as a whole.

until then I will write and blog and power my account up brick by brick powering up as I go.

and maybe using a few steem for @steemmonsters... cause you know, awsome game that it is.

I have bought a bunch but still spending on Splinterlands before powering up but will ultimately do so as well!

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Not that I had any doubts, but hearing affirmation like that coming from a top 100'er is even better ;)

I'm adding months and months of blogging efforts and hard work for 'pennies' to my account weekly.

Ditto! And as they say - "look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves" :)

You always make me fomo... had 500 steem lying around on steem engine, waiting to buy DEC at lower prices. Will power up now.

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lol, don't fomo on my account, I'm just documenting my journey :)

I'm hoping to be at least in the top 100 of people that know the most about Steem in the world.

Not sure what metric would be used for that, but I’d be surprised if you weren’t already in the top 100.

Every day is firesale IMHO.

Steem’s current price is evidence that price and value are not always strongly correlated.

You make me feel so poor, @exyle 🤣 keep hearing you power up thousands and thousands. Crossed my mind to sell this house so that i can power up like crazy, but i dont think my landlord will be happy if i sold her house 🤣

One hell of a powerup. Thanks half my holdings :)
I am very curious how the new steem will look like. We did had the opportunity to play around with the sort of like new Steem. I do mean the tribes!
SP will become more important! But I am affraid that lots of small bloggers will quit because of the decrease income of writing posts. The loss of income from the writing side will probably not be covered up by the increase of income on the curating side.
Regardless what happens! I will be here after HF21!


Timing is right. I grabbed another 3K myself last weekend. Here's to riding the upswing!

Nice one, man!

Thought of buying some PHOTOM today. Intead powered up 1100+ STEEM. Need this for our @untersatz witness.

Lots of confidence... I wouldn't expect anything else from you. Still waiting for a little more dip before I jump.

Hey, how are you getting fiat into cryptoland?

It seems Coinbase have blocked UK deposits and so i'm going to need to find another route. Cheers!

Ah.. I fell out with Coinbase when they held almost 1000 Steller Lumens coz I sent them without a memo.

'We process these things in 4 to 5 weeks'.. they retorted.. no amount of threatening / pleading/ begging worked.. 5 weeks later I had my Lumens.

So now I use Wirex.. you dont need a card, just an account linked to your UK bank account.

Buy LiteCoin via Wirex, and send it to Blocktrades which does the conversion into STEEM for you. In less than 5 minutes, you can buy STEEM and no more big bad Coinbase.

Thanks, that sounds good to me.

I have a Bittrex account and although cash doesn't seem to be an option in/out there, I'll likely move the LiteCoin to trade for BTC then out to STEEM when the time comes. I think BT is around 5% charge, and the exchange .1%...


Use Kraken. Fast and safe

Kraken want proof of an address, which I don't have a present. Will likely head in that direction soon though, cheers.

Just don't buy ETH or BTC with Wirex. The charges are ridiculous to move it out.. I mean several dollars. LTC is around 8c.

Will do 👍🏽

changely doesn't work?

Having read through the FAQ, i think it could - thanks :)

It seems Coinbase have blocked UK deposits and so i'm going to need to find another route. Cheers!


Then why not use a domestic cryptocurrency provider?

Withdrawing is fine though.

Wirex is the suggestion, I think i'll be giving that one a go soon enough.

According to @soyrosa , Bitvavo works well in Europe. Did you try it?

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Yeah the UK is being kicked out soon so it's a no-go there!

Bitvavo worked for me in the UK

hmm, was it a SEPA deposit? Over a certain amount?

SEPA - just £20 to test it! Used a Revolut to translate into Euros first

Ahh, that's cheating 😁 Yeah I should probably get a Revolution card.

So no min limit of 10k then, cheers.

Come back Spain!!! 😂

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Going over today to attach a rope and start hauling!

I have a revolut account so I can do EU transfers, although, GBP deposits are still enabled in Coinbase Pro and they should eventually be back in Coinbase. I think you can deposit to CB Pro then withdraw it into coinbase (although CB pro has low 0.25% fees) =)

K then. Nevermind


Yeah a grand is fairly sizeable for a minimum isn't it?

Was hoping for 50 quid here and there!

Yeah LOL. That's why I'm sticking with Euros. (Although I then move it to CB pro for them sweet sweet lower f£€$)

Hey @abh12345 I just read about these guys: https://www.coindirect.com/. I have not personally used them but for what I understand it looks like you are able to fund your account with UK pounds/Euros via a SEPA transfer without having to go through KYC. Hope this helps. Cheers.

Hope you get it!

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I will buy several million when it drops below a penny.

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How can i make power up in my account? No options is showing to make up or transfer.!!!!

you need to log into your steem wallet separately

Your confidence is very inspiring, my friend @exyle!

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This platform needs a lot of involvement of whales in the platform as it will help to win the trust of minnows. I hope that HF21 will bring good luck.

Hi, @exyle!

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Mug guy knows more than most about steem?!? That should have been your headline bro!

To think I almost didn't click your another power up post and I'd have missed this bit of priceless info?

As the premiere investor on steem so you think I should stop my power down? I mean I'm really hungry and the 30 steem weekly feed my wife and my cat but I've only been eating mayonnaise and a cracker for weeks now. I think the cat has to go she is cute but I need the meat and the steem power so I can upvote my favorite posts like this one.

I feel so guilty my full upvote only amounts to less than a penny and if I ate the cat I'd be able to power up and get some protein.

I just need so desperately for everyone to know I'm a good steemian and that I know like more than the average steemian. Not as much as you of course but I know stuff like being super positive despite prices is how to get ahead. When we moon I can buy like 2 cats and do my caturday posts again. No caturday post this Saturday will be sad but a meaty mayo cracker sounds pretty good right now.

Can you do more videos and tell us what's in that magical mug of yours that keeps you juiced to power up all that steem. I can't believe lil ole me is even able to comment on your posts. It's like being neighbors with my hero.. It used to be JC I looked up to but he never answered my prayers, I mean you've only replied once. Do you remember? You said I was an idiot and idiots get the mute! I knew then and there that someday soon I'd be making the powerup posts and all the dreamers would praise me and say stuff like I haven't eaten cat in a week since following you..

Anyway thanks for being an inspiration and if I'm honest my saviour. Here kitty kitty kitty!

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Hey @exyle, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Do you already know our BEER Crowdfunding

Thank you for your trust in steem, you inspire us all. !BEER

That boost everyone confidence infact when you know people from all around the world believes in this

Que bueno hay mensajes que motivan a seguir, esta es una de ellas

I have no more words to describe your financial intelligence.... In any case, we are 5 days away from a big change!

Congratulations @exyle!
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