Crypto Talk Monday show #7

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For my live show called 'Crypto Talk Monday' on MSP waves, I did not interview anyone this time.

With all the hectics around HF21/22, I didn't have time to prepare a show.

Instead, I answered questions from the community in a show that lasted 45 minutes.

I wanted to have the witness @themarkymark on the show too to explain some of the technical issues of the Hardfork but I messed up my sound settings due to haste and no one but me could hear him.

Luckily, he was cool about me messing up and I will interview him next week. That should be fun.

In this show, I talk about my behavior changes regarding voting, the first funded Steem.DAO proposal, downvoting, onboarding members through wallet addresses with standard social media account (Facebook/Twitter), the new curve, gamification of the blockchain, why this insane bear trent might turn out to be a very good thing for Steem in the long run and much much more.

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Looking forward to listening to your thoughts. !organduo 500

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thanks exyle, another good show.

!neoxag 30

Thanks, man!

It's really unfortunante that you couldn't get themarkymark on the show, I've never heard him before, I could hear him this time but the sound was very very low, most likely the sound was coming out of your pc and your mic was the one picking it up and sending it to the bot, not sure how the whole thing works :/

I do think the circlevotes will be targeted next after the bidbots, but I'm not sure if I'll take part in it, bidbots is one thing, they take a huge chunck of the reward pool while not leaving anything for the others, by flagging those STEEM would go right back to the reward pool to the other content creators... but the voting circles, I'm not sure ethically speaking if it's a good thing to go after them... people are just using their own stake... really not sure what to do, but I've seen some big SP hodlers and witnesses flagging some vote circles.

A good alternative to bidbots are curation trails, which reward lots of users with upvotes and the SP holders get huge amounts of SP because of the trail.

Let's see what happens in the future, it's really an uncertainty right now.

I just hope to see hardfork 21 stabilizes!

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Thanks for sharing, listening to it right now 😎😎

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Good that we have alternatives to steemit now. Your post didn't show up on steemit but I could see it on palnet. I missed playing @steemmonsters and posting my @actifit report but I was pleased to see that they now let you posts yesterday's steps, so I didn't miss a day. Would be nice to have a hard fork without any drama but at least it makes me realise how much I like Steem. Not enough to sell a kidney though :)


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Sounds like it was a really awesome show. I am happy that you are still doing this even though you aren't posting as much anymore. I am also happy to see that you are sticking with @3speak. It is an awesome project started and run by a great group of people. I am excited about the potential it has.

Is Steemify available for Android?
Thanks for the Monday show. You helped with my Steem withdrawal symptoms!


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