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RE: Making the Big Guns in Philly

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Woah!! Derek, this is such an interesting post! You provided a really interesting example of how society during a time of need functioned largely due to structural patriarchy. I'm curious about the future date you chose, any reason for that? (Also Chelsea Clinton should probably get a move on it if she's planning to campaign in 2020...)

Also echoing Cynthia to please not die! Maybe consider switching to computer science instead of history?


I picked 2022 because it seemed realistic enough for the events I created without being so far away that I couldn't use it as a stand in for the world as we know it today. No particular reason for May 29, it was entirely arbitrary and seemed to fit.

I'm actually really good with computers, I've built two of them and done some programming. Probably would've been the better career choice except I like history more. Either way though I committed to the army until 2023.