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spitting at a supermassive black hole will just leave you thirsty with a very dry mouth ... i'm not sure what you're defending here : the hippocrite grubbers who used to make $10k a day while sleeping just for having a node, running on witness votes that might be there from day one on accounts that have not been active for years and made sure they stay on top , even at the price of hard -fok 21 and smallfry to make sure youll never get a job in town if you dont kiss the bishops ring and pay a share to the don ... or the drip-farmers and votesuckers who never spent half a dollar on steem from their own pocket in 4 years ?
cos that the middle of the bell curve ... the authors and creators live in small, very concentrated circles , communities might make that more visible IF they want to be but most didnt need that ... the ones crying out for it were the votesuckers because they cry out for everything thats trending ... (creators ... authors .... all hail @wakeupkitty , @papa-pepper , @lemouth , @mobbs , @solairitas , @ecoinstant, @erh.germany , @solairitas ... and about a hundred i left out with no preference or prejudice ...)
i look at my autovoters who have accounts there that were there from the start , i think about 90% stopped posting YEARS or at least one year ago ... there was a dip when it went below $3 and another one after HF21

but the votesuckers didnt go :)

so ... i can understand your pride is hurt but

a wise minbari once said :

There is no dishonour in defeat
as long as the spirit remains unconquered

playing jesus wont make you a martyr for those who came for the money in this case

hm ... no audio on this one i hope i get the right vid

(ive never been much of a trekkie ... B5 has always been a magnitude above)

yes, see ...

An alternative could be the concept of “two realms”. If a strong state and a strong individual try to stay out of each other’s realm it is less likely that a bloody conflict might arise.

... i didnt know they had a non onion site its not actually the booklet piece i was looking for lol ...

much wisdom to be had ... in gedanken ofcourse , for people who actually DO read instead of just claiming, be warned, its not your average system-theory ...

things would be a bit more clear if the top of the quantum foam had grown up in a place where you actually are in danger from time to time wether you're a good person or not lol

And those things, im sure to a lot it would like a manual on 'how to crime' but in effect its intellectual discourse on power balance and prevention of violent conflict because in reality certain situations are unavoidable and in the case of state vs individual the immovable object eventually runs out of energy while the unstoppable force doesnt. And its as inevitable as the universe abhorring vacuums , all the way across the metaverse so

thing is : to have two realms that avoid interfering unless absolutely impossible is most likely the way where in both can achieve more of what they want


to the gnome : this is not an invitation to poke the thing in the cage to start writing cos it doesnt wanna