Can You See This Post?

in #experiment2 months ago (edited)

If I don't mention my new blog on a different network that rhymes with "live", will this post be visible?

Edit 1:

Okay, looks like it shows up on my blog:


So I wonder, how far does the terms and conditions statement go?

14.1.7. Use our services to promote third-party platforms or to promote each other without our written permission.

Is it manually enforced or automated?

Note, this was added recently but the top of the terms and conditions document still says "Last Updated June 15, 2018" as I mentioned here on Twitter.

Okay, so here's test number two. I'm going to mention Hive. Will that get me censored?

Edit 2:

Okay, we're still here. Let's take this a step further. If I link to my new blog like this... will I get censored like I did last time?

Edit 3:

Okay, we're still here. Now I'm going to add the hive tag and see if that triggers the censors. I've at least determined that it's not based on my account (I can still post) and it doesn't happen automatically if you mention Hive or link to a post on Hive.

Please, if you're reading this and you've followed me all these years on Steem, know that this is no longer the blockchain you've known and loved. This is a centralized database controlled by if not one than a very small number of actors who have repeatedly misrepresented their intentions and are currently actively censoring not only content, but also actual on-chain accounts. Hive is a blockchain run by a distributed group of token-elected witnesses. If you want to know more, follow me on Hive and read this post about how Steem became Hive. You may also appreciate this interview I did with @TheyCallMeDan.

Freedom requires free speech. I will not support a site or chain that pretends to be a blockchain while denying its fundamental principles of censorship resistance. Do not give your energy to Steem. If you own STEEM, you can use Bittrex to sell it for HIVE. That is not financial advice, it's freedom advice.


I see the post. Maybe it's related with the tag somehow.

Testing testing 1-2-3. Is this on?

I saw this in my feed.

I see some people have changed all their old Steem posts to link to 'the other place', but if those get censored then they lose a lot of visibility. Steemit are taking things in a bad direction. I becomes clearer that I made the right decision to move on.

I heard from neoxian's blog that it takes about 24 hours for things to get censored.

I see up to 1,2,3...

Not sure wether the invisiblizing of your posts is automated or manual.
You are doing this on a very visible account...

But, just don't know.

The bill of goods is being changed during shipment.


I can still see it but I believe it will disappear shortly now that you added hive tag, as that triggers auto censor