Playing games in Skype - my experiences of the past #3

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Two little bags with rewards and punishments for our games.

It's time again for my series: Experiences of the past.
This time it's a game in Skype I played with and against my Mistress. A very exciting game but also very frustrating sometimes.

Games in Skype

That's how it worked

About every week we met each other in Skype and played a few rounds of games. Games were:

  • Ludo (Mensch ärgere dich nicht in German)
  • City-Country-River (Where you need to think of different things with a special letter in the beginning of the word)
  • Yahtzee
  • And a few other unknown games

The rules were pretty simple. The better player wins and gets a reward. I did also get a punishment for losing. In the top picture you can see two different small bags. Every one had small yellow cards in it. The blue bag was my reward bag. If I did win I was allowed to draw one yellow card randomly out of it. The pink bag was my punishment bag. If I did lose I had to draw from it. My Mistress also had a bag but just one for her rewards. Of course my Mistress gets no punishments :D

Ludo selfmade

My reward bag

It was filled with different instructions for orgasms. Mostly ruined orgasms but also some full ones. Every card was different. For example having the orgasm outdoors.

Her reward bag

It had cards in it with different prizes I would buy her if she draw it. For example a new dress or oil for her body. A lot of stuff she liked.

My punishment bag

It had yellow cards with smaller and bigger punishments in it. One for example was no touching for a week or a harder one was no orgasm for a whole month. Every time she won the game I had to draw from it.


So we met each other about every week for a few rounds of games. Everyone was allowed to choose a game to be played. The games were really exciting. Can you imagine being very horny without an orgasm over a week and then a game gets very close? These moments were crazy and I wanted to win so badly. Sometimes I lost a lot of rounds in a row and it felt really frustrating. But that were the rules. I enjoyed these special moments of winning and losing even if I was very frustrated sometimes for the moment.

There was also one extra rule that made it more difficult for me. To get the allowance to play my games with her I needed to edge myself daily a few times (bring myself very close to orgasm and stop right before it.). So I was constantly horny what made it even more difficult to win sometimes. We played this whole game for about two months.

One day in the future we plan to play these games again but on the same table when we live near each other. I'm looking forward for this time to arrive.

Do you like the concept? We would love to hear from you in the comments about your opinion and maybe your ideas. Thanks for reading!

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This game sounds amazing! what a fun way to win rewards and punishments. If course she gets no punishment. hehe, where is the fun in that!

Yeah it really is! With computers and other techy stuff I lost the interest in playing board games, but with this special way I found the fun in playing board games again!