Journey in the woods - my experiences of the past #2

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Record of the headcamera while walking through the woods - naked and cuffed

It's time again for my series: Experiences of the past.
This time again it's something my keyholder made me do. It was extremely exciting!
I call it:

Journey in the woods

I was on a 31 days orgasm denial. As you can imagine you get pretty horny and your cock takes the thinking. That was one reason that helped me doing it.

My Task

Short explanation: I had to run naked through the woods, hands cuffed behind my back, clothes out of reach until I found a key.

Long explanation: The task was to spend some time naked running through the woods. To force me to do it, at least so there was no backing out at some point, I had to take my clothes out of my reach once I was completely naked. I had a backpack and handcuffs with me. I had to get naked and pack the clothes into the backpack. Then I had to hang the backpack to a high branch. The next step was to cuff my hands behind my back. At this point I was completely unable to free my hands or reach my clothes. The key to the handcuffs was at another location in the woods, about 1 kilometre away.

The reward

The reward was her permission to have an full orgasm after I reach the destination with the key. I wanted that orgasm after 31 I had gone without, so I was very motivated for the journey.

The Happening

I prepared everything. I had a backpack with me. In it were the following things:

  • handcuffs
  • keys for the handcuffs
  • small case
  • headcamera (for filming my walk)

Part 1 - preparation in the woods

And of course clothes, that I were still wearing. I walked into the woods. They are just 10 minutes away from my home. I searched for a good place where I could hide the keys for the handcuffs. I wanted a place that was recognizable but still hidden, so nobody would steal my keys. I layed the keys into the small case and placed them next to a tree.

After that I walked about one kilometre (maybe more) into one direction, but not just straight. I also used the main path that I later would not be able to use again, as I would be naked and I don't wanted to be seen by someone.

I found a place that was nicely hidden. My excitement got bigger. I know the journey was about to really start! I slowly began to drop my clothes. It was summer, so I was wearing a t-shirt, short pants and boxershorts. The only thing I left on were the boots. I needed them to walk on this difficult ground. The rest I packed into the backpack. I was standing there naked, already getting aroused about the thought what I was about to do. Do you know how nice it feels to be completely naked outside? The air feels so nice!

I took the backpack and hung it above me to one branch. I was still able to stop the journey but the next step would force me to do it. I took the handcuffs and closed them on one hand. My hands behind my back and ready to close the handcuffs I was standing there and thinking for a short period of time, closing it shortly after and sealing my fate...

Part 2 - completely naked

Great excitement ran through my body. I knew I had no way to back out now. Clothes were out of my reach, hands at my back and completely naked. The only way to free myself was to walk to the other destination in the woods.

I had no other choice than to start walking. It wasn't easy to walk with the hands behind my back. My senses were sharped, hearing everything. If someone came across my way I wouldn't be able to hide my cock or anything else. Of course exactly that was the exciting part. The possibility to get caught but you don't want that to really happen.

So I was walking through the woods avoiding every main path as good as possible. You Need to imagine my situation. Every step that I made was loud because of branches and other things on the ground. At one point, that's what I remember very well, was the part I needed to cross the main path, because there was no other option. It probably was the most exciting part. I was waiting in the bushes listening to sounds. As I was thinking it was safe, I started to run as fast as I could with hands behind the back. My cock was making crazy helicopter moves :D I needed to run for about 50 metres on the main path until the next entrance into the bushes.

Luckily everything went fine. No one was there, noboday saw me. Ok, there was always the possibiliy that someone saw me. But at least I didn't see him.

The rest was easier. I was able to find the place with the keys after a short search (in the woods everything looks the same). The naked walk to this point took about 30 minutes.

Part 3 - freeing my hands

Finally I was able to uncuff myself. It's a great feeling if you can use your hands again. Now this was also the part I was excited the most the whole time. I started to get really aroused. The reward was an orgasm for me at this point, the only conditions were to do it now and orgasm onto my face.

That part was very dirty. I layed down on the woods ground and kicked my feet over my head so my cock was pointing onto my face. I tried to take my time but after a minute I was already so ready that I didn't want to wait any longer and came on my face.


I was still without clothes and nothing to wipe the cum off of my face. I tried to do it with moss but that didn't work perfectly. I had to leave it partly on. You need to know that instantly after the orgasm I lost my passion and exitement. I knew that would happen, but I still had no other choice than to run back to my location with the clothes. At least this time I didn't have my hands behind my back.

The end

The rest was nothing special. I was able to reach my destination without being seen. I was really happy as I reached my backpack with clothes in it. I took it off of the branch and put on the clothes. After walking home I took I nice shower...

My other experiences

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What an adventure! I can’t believe how you managed to find your way to your keys and back again (I would have been lost in like 5 minutes). So your walk back to your backpack with your clothes was 30 minutes too, right? Isn’t it annoying once you were allowed to and then have to go back all the way, still naked? I think it’s great that you share your story. I didn’t even know people would do things like that as for their arousal and sexual pleasure. Keep on posting about your very special lifestyle!

Haha yes, it's crazy what some people do and I'm definitely one of them. It was indeed annoying to walk all the way back. All the lust was gone, but I had to do it!
Thank you for all your comments, I really enjoy them. Keep on commenting :)

Hi! Thanks for your support, @growingpower just upvoted your comment ;) Hope you have a great day