I'm really excited about Steem

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I know I know, the title may come as a surprise to many of you considering the current price of Steem, but my trust with the potential of this currency has not decreased ever since I researched it over 2 years ago. It has just grown over time, even when the price was down to 6-7 cents I was still here and selling altcoins to buy Steem. If everything goes the way I expect it to, for the speculation phase to be over, new ICO's and hype not being as popular during the next bull run, then Steem will start to gain some traction and hopefully it won't be as undervalued as it is now.

The market sentiment in crypto is weird, I don't know what it depends on really, if its just new money not being as thorough or if its just early adopters not caring at what prices they sell because they're so much in profit either way. It could of course also be people betting on Bitcoin and other ones going up in value before Steem thus opening a window to profit more by jumping from one to another later. I don't believe there are many out there who actually doubt Steem at a time like this. Sure there may be some adjustments with the economy in order but that should not be too difficult to change.

After Steemfest and looking more closely at each and every dapp out there it really fills me with hope that this is the start of something big. People often forget how young Steem is and how much it has accomplished compared to other cryptocurrencies out there at this age into the blockchain. Sure there are some exceptions and you may think "well people didn't really understand cryptocurrencies back then" but at the same time so many still don't know about Steem and why it is going to be as big as some people here are betting on it becoming. It's a bit annoying that we haven't managed to get away from the pull of Bitcoin and the general market yet but the first step to this will be the rise of Steem dapps in my opinion.

Much like Steemmonsters that is working as its own little Steem right now, where they can create accounts for new users, give them access to packs, market, gaming, tournaments, speculation, etc, same thing is going to happen with many other dapps and there are more and more starting lately. I really think its just a matter of time until people will start to look more into Steem or give it a second try. I am sure there are many who are still looking at it with outdated info and I don't blame them, I share that feeling with some other cryptos as well and taking a look into them today gets me to think "oh wow, a lot has changed since last time I looked into cryptocurrency x". For those who are long term invested in Steem there is not a lot of worry, I understand that many keep asking me of what is going on with the prices and where I think the bottom is or when the market will change. If I or anyone knew it would have already reflected on the price. All we can do is wait, if you don't think the wait is worth it then there is not much else you can do than to sell.

The crypto markets are brutal and they are often brutal on purpose. Not a lot of coins are required to change the movement of it and often times it is worth it for the dumpers because they trick a lot of others into doing the same thing while they place their buy walls grabbing their coins one at a time. You may think that "man this is the same as stock markets, manipulation everywhere" and you might be somewhat right, but don't forget that compared to those Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are open all over the world, somewhere out there there may be a bigger fish waiting to eat the current largest fish moving the markets. That's why I tell people that these markets are quite unpredictable and the best you can do is just invest and wait and if one of those currencies is Steem you are holding, then power that up and put it to good use, you have a wide selection of dapps you can activate yourself in today already to get the most back from your buys.

Hodl tight. :)

(not financial advice, bla bla, etc etc)

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Some people are scared and jumping from one hyped coin to another, saying that Steem has lost its first mover advantage.

I really disagree with that statement. We are well ahead of most other Crypto projects, for starters we have an actual functioning Blockchain, that is expanding day by day.

More importantly it is the community here that gives me confidence, how many other crypto projects have people traveling across the world to join a community fest ? Steemfest just seems to get bigger and more people are getting interested. The people that are here for the long run shows that we are on the right track, the other short sighted people don’t matter 5 years from now when it will become obvious that it was a chance of a life time to join steem early.


No need for my own comment, took the words right out of me mouth here :D


Thank man! How is life treating you these days ?

I'm on so many social media platforms, including numerous crypto ones, but this one is home. This is where I know I'll meet up with friends in the comments on our posts and strengthen our relationship even more that way. I like different things about different social media sites, which is why there's room for so many, since they offer different benefits. But this is to me is the one really clearing new ground ahead for the world. I'm glad to be a part of it.


I agree; this is where I find the world changers. Even though I might not agree with all of their ideas, here is where people are actively trying to make a difference, instead of keep the status quo.

Yeah, I'm still working through a lot of the presentations, and even though I thought I was pretty knowledgeable on the Steem ecosystem, there are so many applications out there that are looking pretty solid. I was super impressed with the Appics presentation, some of the groundwork they've done is massive... be interesting to see how it all works out for them. They really could be placing themselves to be the next big thing on social media.

I honestly see the current crypto prices as pure opportunity. While I'm still earning Fiat, I honestly don't mind if Steem, etc stay as low as they are for the next year... that just gives me another year to chip in a little each month and get more bang/btc for my buck.


I dont even think about it :) Steem is so versitile it is bullet proof :) Look at steemmonsters. Amazing success. A couple of more games like this and we are on the moon :)

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After watching most of the livestreams from Steemfest I share your thoughts but being still relatively new here has me excited of what has been built in my short time here. Because of this I think that the Steem price offers an interesting risk/reward profile worth a look for many no matter what the objective is. I remember thinking about those who bought below $1 when I was buying around $4 and now I can be one of them so I continue to add to my stake and try my best to engage with the community for others to do the same any way they can.

As quite many people are stating that "Not financial advice", what if someone would give out financial advice. Would someone be brave enough to take the risk?

"Purchase fine jewelery grade gems and toss ducks with them."
"Buy bunch of Opel brand cars, their value will skyrocket any minute now!"
"Get yourself a cool basement and purchase cheese. Large wheels of cheese. Their smell will get stronger while you wait, it's a good signal from the markets."
"Get a job."

Those who are not taking Steem as their best chance to get rich or even worse, their best source of income, can enjoy Steem the most. I'm assuming it will get only better, but it always takes time and hopefully people can enjoy the ride.

The way is so much more than "Steem skyrockets to the sky" because those who are waiting for it to happen will just get sad. It can still happen though and I wouldn't mind. But still, I'm thinking Steem skyrocketing is like waiting for the water to boil. It happens as soon as you turn your back to it.

This comment makes no sense, I just want to write but can't write a post. I should be continuing my story but I'm having issues to progress the story in a smooth way. So I'm writing a rant here.

Also, I'm going to bake a cake for my wife as a secret. However I should be able to make a passion fruit puree but not sure what's the best way to do it. If someone is going through the comments and sees this, I'm open for any advice. Thanks!

I really hope steemit will succeed, but who knows?


No one...

I see a lot of early people that are just too jaded from this insane roller coaster ride, so many powered down everything. When I joined Steem in july 2016 the price was 4$, it dropped down to 7 cents, then exploded to 8$, and now we are going down again to who knows what bottom.

It is not easy to go through that ride unscathed, but I'm still looking at everything as a huge opportunity, although right now it is depressing to be here, 2-3 years from now things might get very interesting. Until then, only the most durable will continue to hold Steem. I hope I will be one of them, but who knows.

Interesting observations, to be sure.

I still think the future of Steem looks pretty positive, as well. But I also think we are in a (at least) medium-term "cycling pattern," which is hard to explain, but it accounts for the declining price... and it is directly tied to the Steemit front end.

Let's face it, the vast majority of those who hold Steem are Steemit users who came here in hopes of finding a "blogging platform that pays." And whereas that is certainly true, to some degree, even Ned has said (in not so many words) that Steemit is basically a "throwaway" in the future of the Steem blockchain... it's all about dApps and SMTs and so forth.

But that doesn't negate the fact that the vast majority of Steem wallet holders — who often aren't even much aware that Steem does NOT equal Steemit — are going to be living in a state of disappointment and possibly disgust till they decide to power down and cash out.

We can paint this picture whatever way we WANT, but they number in the tens of thousandswhile even the most successful dApps so far have a few thousand dedicated users.

All I'm saying is that right now the underlying financial mathematics of that negative sentiment is ahead of future dreamsand it would not surprise me if we see 20-cent Steem before all the "disappointed ones" have been purged from the system.

Personally, I think is was a mistake for Steemit Inc to not take the :first mover advantage" of the Steemit front-end and turn it into the flagship model (why reinvent the wheel when you already HAVE a wheel?) for what you can do with an SMT, but hopefully they know what they are doing.

Bought some steem at current price.

Thank you acid, very cool! I am certainly excited about this space too, and the millions of possibilities that it could have.

Me too brother, this is like my home.
That's the exact reasons why I fell in depression today, when I tossed 200 SBD in the wind
That 200 SBD was like 2000$ in my eyes, to say the least. Cause I'm very well aware where we are going... I wouldn't HODL them for 11 months otherwise
We still in the belly, fetus phase I'd say
So I need to get my shit together, continue moving

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Especially after today's live stream by @ned , I feel, there is some big plans to now spread the words to the whole world. I know, you were there as well.

Anyone who want to see this video, then click the link and watch it in youtube. And subscribe to the channel, to take this to a new high.

Due to a variety of D'apps , I feel Steemit has a lot more potential now to succeed and make a popular platform.

There is always a confusion between steem blockchain and steemit, new users don't really know the difference yet. This platform has a rudimentary interface, the sign up is complicated and there was really no significant updates in the last year, the developers dont seem really interested in it (not now not ever). On the other hand with , steemit blockchain holds a record for the number of transactions per day, with development of SMT and the countless projects, the future seems very very bright to me.
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There is enough room for many new people,and many new investors.it will go up before it fails.If it fails.. :)

I am to an unprecedented degree enabled by Steem also. I have been bearing this open strategy to purchase as much Steem as I can stay to and control it up. I think it is altogether going to have a basic impact when things turn and it starts returning up.

Agree wth.you Sir to hodl. I hope everything will alright in steem.

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Hey @acidyo , I'm here and will stay here. I hope that one day I will feel pride being a part of this wonderful platform.

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I think your are right.Steem price last 2 year ago very well.Now steem price to much low.Some peoples says steem price going in the end of december.I m new member i don't know about 2 years ago.Everyone so sad about steem price.Hopefully steem price going up soon as soon.

I am really excited by Steem as well. I have been taking this opportunity to purchase as much Steem as I can afford to and power it up. I think it is really going to make a big difference when things turn around and it starts going back up. I wish I could have been in the market when it was only six or seven cents per Steem. That would have been awesome, knowing what I know now!

We all have believe on Steem and Steemit. I can't give up my faith about Steemit...

Hi @acidyo yes steem as coin has real potential now is understandable that people feel fear in the moment to invest, because we have alts with 90% down but definitely now is the perfec moment to buy real and valued project like steem, i can see this platform collapsing several walls and reaching new goals that in 3-5 years more in the future steemit could be the number 1 tool for artist, companies and people to share and promote their projects. Regards

I couldn't agree more. Presently on my way back from steemfest. What encouraged me the most is just the sheer breadth and depth of intelligence there.

The future's bright!

And the great thing about steemmonsters.... buying 100 packs with my credit card was the first crypto I ever bought without being charged in some way!

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I am also selling all coins to buy steem.

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I don't believe there are many out there who actually doubt Steem at a time like this.

But very many who know absolutely nothing about Steem.

For what it’s worth, I think the fact that so much Steem is “locked in” as Steem Power could be a huge factor once Steem gets noticed. Very little is available in liquid form. When money starts flowing in there likely will not be enough supply to meet demand at anything close to the current price.

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Written with positive thinking, this article is going to enhance the passion as you have written in the example that the big fish is ready to eat the small fish, but we have full faith that darkness will start and the sun will come out and then the steem will reach its real rate.

I agree with you, and seeing @Ned starting to busy things up he last week is a good sign. Thanks for your insights.

So many choice and #steem is no exception to the reality in front of us.
We know for sure #steem is moving and the reason the value changes has a lot to do with us steemians.

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Don’t know or I am not worrying about the price, I just like this platform very much now coz it’s amazing for the writer and for reader as well

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I've never believed more in the platform. I truly think that as long as you're a long-term investor that has a goal of two to three years in mind, you are going to make out like a bandit here.

I have 200 steem stacked away and I'm still stacking more even when I'm buying yet the prices keeps decreasing, the truth is that let's accept the fact that steem has accomplished more being only less than four years

Probably going to invest finally.
Haven't invested anything so far.. Because as student you just have no money.
Maybe I should start selling drugs.. ^^

I hope you're right:) I really hope:)

I have always said this,and I'll keep saying it that "crypto ain't for faint hearted people" some people are just jumping around from a coin to another,they don't stick to a particular coin and I'm sure this will have a negative effect for those that are practicing this method....

Though I'm a newbie,but I'm studying the coin I will stick to and hodl,I don't know if you @acidyo can help because your post seems helpful to me and I'm taking you as a mentor in crypto

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every one excited about Steem but i think Steem holding a good future cryptocurrencies. this social media platforms at home give lot of i hope steemit will succeed really ,

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Still hodlin :0)

And yeah, I think we only have to wait before the value becomes what it should be

surely steem is here to stay and I would say I missed it all last year but just like @acidyo I would never give up on steem. keep up bro

I think Steem has a long way to go and it's still very new. Going out of it would seem to me a very hasty and somewhat carried-out decision by the market which is mostly manipulated

It's a great project and there are many possibilities with it.

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