Liquidity Network A Scalable And Secure Exchange Platform

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With the evolution of blockchain technologies and crypto coins there is the need for a safe and transparent exchanges of these crypto currencies and tokens between individuals in a more safe and transparent manner, with major mainstream adoption of crypto tokens in solving daily world problems in different sectors and industries. The demands for crypto currencies and tokens has risen over the years and it still continue to rise daily.

This bring to mind the importance of exchanging these crypto tokens into other similar crypto tokens in a more professional and risk free way. This leads me to introduce you to a platform known as Liquidity network which aim to revolutionize the ways tokens are exchange and swap between to different parties, the platform serves as an
intermediary offering payment and exchange services

The Liquidity Network is unique in its features because it combine centralized and decentralize exchange networks technologies and innovations, which aid in reducing transaction cost significantly when doing exchanges because of its high innovative technology systems

because of two noble innovations namely

  1. The liquidity Hub No-cust
  2. Liquidity Revive

The liquidity network is implemented for ethereum blockchain protocol and which enables millions of users and payment processors to exchange and swap crypto coins and tokens. with its re-burst technology systems the liquidity network is able to solve some of the pressing issue been faced by most exchanges and payment channels such as

  1. Free and instant channel establishment
  2. No rigid locked funds
  3. Non-custodial swaps
  4. The liquidity network offers instant and off-chain channel
  5. The liquidity network operates with simple routing designs,
    avoiding complex routing topologies

Mobile Wallet
The Liquidity Network has a mobile walet that can be downloaded for both ios and Andriod devices, a very simple and versatile mobile wallet that can be used to store and exchange your tokens of the Liquidity Network

Airdrop Powered By Liqiudity Network
Airdrops are a popular community building tool that is integrated in the Liquidity Network platform which helps and aids in

  1. Airdropping tokens to millions of users in the platform and beyond
  2. No transaction cost
  3. No custodian cost
  4. No security problems through private key leakage
  5. Instant and fast Airdrop enables
  6. Receiver can instantly forward airdrops to friends

Liquidity Networks is Decentralized
A user of the networks hold his fund on his wallet be it a web wallet or mobile wallet because the user has access to his private key. And not the hub operator or any entity can steal or access his account. A hub can choose to not forward any payment, if that were to happen the user can simply remove his funds from the hub smart contract which the hub operator cannot prevent. because it is only the user that has access to his private key in other for the user to remove his fund at anytime lqd2019

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