Scary EVP Captured at Haunted Saloon in Calgary! Says "You'll kill."

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This weekend I explored an abandoned saloon through a ghost hunting society. While capturing some B-roll footage, my camera picked up a voice that wasn't mine. There was only me and two women at the saloon. When I heard this back it terrified me!

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And you didn't run 😱

I didn't hear it while recording. only the camera picked this up.

Oh mehn! Thats crazy stuff

But yea Rob, I don't know if I told you, might have, that Jared and I heard a ghost at the house in Bowden. It was really disturbing. It was a sex ghost making moaning sex sounds downstairs in the basement while we were upstairs. We both heard it. I've since cleared it and gotta keep the place right. That was a few years ago and fairly scary!

crazy. I didn't catch all that much really. I should have the first video up this week. I'm waiting on my Stranger Things themed youtube intro.

Would love to see more of the saloon!

Haha yea, been seeing all the synchronicities in these shows like Dark, Stranger Things, Twin Peaks, It Movie, Giving me the idea to write a story like that too somehow. Put all the similar elements in a different re-arrangement

Awesome! I've set up a paranormal chatroom on Discord. called paranormal enthusiasts. look for it in the steemitbc channel. Here is an invite:

That's so awesome!! Should do this again! If more voices are picked up lets definitely make a ghost hunter sound board on the internet. Would love to play with the crazy ghost voices awhile!!

So was there anything else interesting you noticed or heard while there? That is the freakiest thing! Never thought you'd capture something like that.

Hehe notice how the haunter is always cheeky. Says that when the other people sound like they are laughing at voices like they may not be real.