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Today I am sitting at the DMV waiting, like you do, for a turn to give money to the state. This time it's to purchase an Electric Vehicle.

It's difficult to describe the feelings that arise out of driving an Electric Vehicle. They are a mixture of joy, anxiety, and resignation.

Joy in knowing that I am done purchasing gas, anxiety that my battery won't last until I reach a charging station, and resignation to the fact that EVs have been held back by the oppressive fossil fuel industry.

Here it is 2019 and we are finally gaining access to a tech that could have prevented the current climate crisis we are watching unfold in real time.

People tell me that EVs actually use more resources than traditional internal combustion engines. That may be true, honestly I haven't looked deeply into these reports. It does matter.

My sense is that by pumping less carbon directly into the atmosphere I am doing a small part to scale back my carbon foot print. Especially as a delivery driver.

It's becoming more affordable to buy the used EVs. Mine was just over 6k, down more than 30k from it's original purchase price. Still out largely out of reach for the working class, I wouldn't have been able to buy it without the support of my family.

More posts about owning an EV coming soon!

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I hope you like your car, but the sun is getting hotter.

Gas vehicles spew toxic gasses, alcohol does a better job, and enriches farmers, imo.

Hempinol? Seems like we need all of the solutions.

Day ball! We hates it! We hates it forever!

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I think cat tails are the most efficient use as far as plants go, but soon we should be overflowed with hemp products.

Just wait, you haven't seen anything from the day ball, yet.
The Carrington event is going to be small potatoes.
And right on time,...

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