Krautzone meets TrueDilTom - Part #2 of the exclusive interview

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Fellow steemians,
fellow libertarians..

In case you missed it yesterday: I had a chance to talk to the Australian Youtuber TrueDilTom about libertarianism, strategy, morality and the state of the West. This interview will appear in its German translation in the coming edition of Krautzone, which is a recently launched libertarian / right-wing magazine.

Part 1 of the interview you can find here.

In case you wanna actually have a look at the printed magazine, let me know in the comments - I'd be willing to send you the last magazine for just 3€.

But let's continue with the interview!

KRZ: Libertarians are very good at pointing out what is wrong with the world. But how do we bring these changes about? What are your thoughts on libertarian strategy?

TDT: The most viable strategy is to restore our base, secure the republican party (in America’s case) as a viable party for the future and win elections. I am more white-pilled than most, I think there is a route to victory even if it means giving up some territory on the way. For instance, recent polls on Gen Z suggest they are the most conservative generation to ever be measured, one poll concluding that 93% of high schoolers support Trump. So naturally, this also means Libertarians ought to recognise themselves as one of and trying to unify with the right wing. The libertarian strategy of placing yourself above the left and the right alienates you from the success of both. While additionally, the left recognise individualism as a form of ideological whiteness and hence, will never accept it. For me personally, I better identify as libertarian leaning but first and foremost a reactionary and so, the libertarian party, the ancap community and etc is something I have no desire to restore.

KRZ: You have been very critical of people like Lauren Southern, who are faces of the conservative counter-culture, yet seem to lack a firm philosophical grounding in their worldview. What political topics should you have a firm grasp on, before you raise your voice publicly? What are crucial texts every right-winger should read?

TDT: Well I have no problem with people like Lauren Southern, that wasn’t a criticism of her as much as it was her book for being an insincere, poorly written, money grab that should have been ghost written. So I think it's perfectly fine to have vague principles such as liberty, christianity or tradition and to be primarily concerned with news coverage and day to day politics as it were. But for the real big brained people wanting to learn political theory, the most crucial texts for my own world view would be “The Genealogy of Morals” by Friedrich Nietzsche, “Revolt Against The Modern World” by Julius Evola and “On power, its nature and the history of its growth” by Bertrand de Jouvenel.

KRZ: How would you respond to left-libertarians, who, when being confronted with mass migration to the West, see nothing but a realization of libertarian principles?

TDT: I think left-libertarians shouldn’t be recognised as friends. If they have seen the facts and refuse to conform to them, spending your time on trying to convince them is on par with trying to convince a progressive.

KRZ: On the other side, some elements of the right have become more authoritarian, since they believe that only a strong government can reverse the damage the left has done in our societies. How should a libertarian right interact with them?

TDT: To agree with them and stop being libertarians lmao. Libertarianism is a luxury and there is no libertarian solution to the problems facing our society today.

KRZ: Let's get to your home soil: How is the political situation in Australia? One only hears about Europe and the US, so please enlighten us: what's happening "Down Under"?

TDT: We of course have the same problems of rampant leftism and the same clown world political environment as America and Europe, but I would argue we are one of the more nationalist countries in the western world. Half the country wants a permanent ban on islamic immigration as was reported by a poll that went viral just recently. While also, the immigration policy we have today, despite its weaknesses, is already strong, prioritising christian immigrants, having offshore processing for illegals while also, being one of the only countries in the world to give fast-track visas to South African farmers. In addition, the demographic situation in general is looking far better than Northern Europe and America. We are expected to see, in our own lifetime, every western country lose its people, the European stock that it was built on. However, Australia at current rates will be a European minority around the sametime as Eastern European countries, in contrast to America becoming minority white in 2045, the UK in 2065 and Sweden in 2060. This is to say, we have more time than the rest of the west and more nationalist sentiments simultaneously.

KRZ: If you had to point to one video, through which our German readers can get to know you and your work, which one would it be?

TDT: I have made so many videos on so many topics, but a favorite of most of my viewers is [“On Monarchism and Democracy”](I have made so many videos on so many topics, but a favorite of most of my viewers is “On Monarchism and Democracy”).

KRZ: Let's end this by quoting the great Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn: "Right is right and left is wrong!" Any objections?"

TDT: I would actually disagree, I think the left plays an important role as an equaliser. The left represents one component in the division of moral labour that, although should be excluded from the political process as much as possible, will always be present in society and should be utilised at a non-governmental level. Jonathan Heidt’s work that looks into the differences in psychology or personality between people who adhere to each of these three ideologies is extensive and is where most of my conclusions are drawn from on this issue.

But put simply, the progressive is analogous to the mother role, something that in Haidt’s work is made clear through the liberal mindset tending to answer moral questions with constant reference to nurture and empathy with little regard for notions of antiquity or normalcy, as with the conservatives and libertarians who gather resources and/or protect them from being expropriated by outgroups, the progressive, just as the wife does her husband in traditional society, spreads those resources throughout the tribe, the progressive spreads costs to society in order to nurture, feeling at odds and even feeling revulsion towards those that want to exclude the have-nots.

So the left has a moral speciality that is still needed in a healthy and civil society. But I would also add that, as I hinted earlier, it is only with the emergence of democracy that one moral specialisation, usually taking the form of a party, can find itself being the majority and unevenly distributing itself and creating an imbalance. For instance, It is clear in today’s world, we are suffering from a surplus of feminine moral labour, we have gotten to the point where the most basic forms of exclusion, of grouping, of going against the egalitarian, redistributionist or motherly way of progressivism is seen as criminal by some.


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