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Today, I want to speak a little more about the decline of western societies and the ideology that makes it possible. Yesterday, I came across a video relating some of the problems in an American University, it is obvious that the problem encountered in this university is the perfect example of what is now happening in most western countries. It is all resolved around one word "Racism" which allows leftist, progressist, Zionist to shut down all kind of people who are not on their side or people they don't like. People from other parts of the world may find this to be just too much to fall into such a trap but the reality is here in the everyday political decision.

To understand how can western countries have fallen into such a craziness about the subject of racism we have to look back in time during the World War II when Nazi Germany. Years after the war there was no particular talk about racism and also no need to speak about it because the war was not far away and it was difficult to build lies as people still can remember what has happened. The first mention about some kind of racism against Nazi Germany was during the Nuremberg Trail in 1946 but even during the trial it was never really mentioned that there was racism like it is today. For years the western world after the war was living normally and foreigners of all countries never really face systemic racism or maybe except in the South of the USA where they were certain segregation for black people. The problem of the war against so-called racist start in the middle of the 70' with new laws in Europe to fight racism. In fact, there was no need for new laws about it because all the laws against discrimination were more than enough to bring to the court whoever discriminate a person or a group of person because of their skin color, country or religious membership. All these new laws have been pushed by the Zionist lobby and it is still today as most of the so-called Association against racism are owned by Zionist. From the 70' until today we see a big amount of new laws coming to place, many time these new laws have been made to fight one person and in most of the cases many trails (if we were in a normal world with an independent justice) will never make it to the court as many claims are lies or falsified claims. But with the very tight relationship of the western elites and the Zionist lobby the justice always turns against the people whatever they are right or wrong they always end up wrong.

After the 70' many big events have taken place in the western world to denounce the racism and the danger of the Nazis that can take power. But like most of the European I never see in my life what we can call a Nazi, the only thing I have ever seen is a few skinhead back in the 80' but for sure none of them were a threat to democracy as they were a few thousand in my country. Speaking about skinhead a few years ago two skinheads were attacked by a group of Antifa (so-called Antifascist who are more fascist than fascist) the two skinheads try to avoid the clash but the Antifa attacked them violently. One of the Antifa (recorded on camera) made a bad move and fall down head on a piece of metal without being touched by Skinheads. The antifa died from the shock and antifa and skinheads were brought to the court with the video from security camera showing the attack, resulting in the media and the government claiming that antifa were attacked even the video shows a different story, the antifa walk out the court like heroes and the two skinheads get 20 some years in jail. It is not to defend one group it is just to show how the justice isn't doing its job.

So after years of TV shows, movies and debate of all kinds where they keep showing a threat that doesn't exist. After many trails of what is not racist or nazis but only dissidents, after a brainwashing campaign in schools. Today, in Europe there is not one day where you will not heard from the media the words Nazi, Antisemitism, racism, all these words are in fact used to discredit and punish the people who are not walking the lines of governments or even to punish some people who are giving information that the government don't want the public to know about. In fact the majority of European people because of the massive campaign that have lasted 50 years are now chasing the ghost of the Nazis when governments and lobby can continue their dirty work as people are busy at dividing themselves about something that doesn't exist and when many important things need to be addressed.

Now, check this video to see how insane the fight against racism is at least equal to what Nazis have been during WW II or when fact and science is no more a prove but propaganda is (activate the English subtitles even a big part is in English)



I am afraid there will be civil wars! The elites want to make people kill each other! One of the Depopulation tactics!

Yes, it will come soon or later, at the moment the government and lobby are creating communities to divide the people, they don't want African or Arabs who live in France to merge with French people in a fight against the gov. Also, they create many new communities like the LGBTQNM...... and feminist who are at war against the man. Really it is time for a big clean up of France and EU.

Have you seen the post on the location and prices for Fest 4? Very expensive!

Not a surprise anyway it is all about, I've not seen the price but for sure it will be expensive for Thais. I take it as it is a farang party for farang who come to meet in Thailand and not interested in the Thai community of Steemit. Going to Kao Sarn will make me the same effect!

That’s what I feel too! It’s farangs’ party and they don’t care about local culture and values. They are here for a good time!

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