Put Some BOTS in your Portfolio

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Buy of the Day

The Buy of the Day on EtherStocks.net is BOTS Stock. This Buy of the Day was chosen by the Discord community. Join us on Discord to cast your vote https://discord.gg/Q5TWqe6 .The Buy of the Day is a way to play EtherStocks.net and guarantee you won't get burned or dumped on. The whole community comes together and focuses on 1 featured stock. I will be making a .05 ETH buy of BOTS stock in 12 hours. The early bird gets the worm, so buy now and get maximum dividends.

Axies Start Bumpin Uglies

Axie Infinity has started the breeding mechanic. The cheapest origin Axie is selling for .24 ETH, which is a bit steep for most entry players. Now that they have started breeding, you can buy a gen-1 egg for .067 ETH and dropping. So now is a great time to get in early before battling starts, while not having to invest a large chunk of ETH. I can't wait for battling. They have great animations and their will be deep strategy. Here is more info https://axieinfinity.com/game-intro


Good idea! Thanks for the tip

Very cool . Thanks for the heads up!!

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This post is full of information. thank you

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This is interesting. Axie infinity machine sounds like next level robots .

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Great post @brittuf i kind of enjoy every beat of the game and am up for more.

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