The Idle Game Take Over 🥧🦐 🐜 🐸 🐠 - Free Ether!!

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Ether Cartel
Ether Shrimp
Ether Anthills
Pepe Farm
Ether Fish
Ether Trump Farm
Ether Chicken Farm
Ether TJ Farm

Join Proof of Trevon James (POTJ) -
Proof of Trevon Discord:
Ether Donations - 0x51ccf9ebb6f7Bc40070737794e886135a3BB4cA3

Idle Ether games will be huge in 2018! After Ether Shrimp the "clone wars" has begun!
If you are planing on trying one you might as well do them all!!
Play responsibly but at least sign up and get your free 300 (eggs,ants, dope etc) it will only cost you gas.

Again all these contract are very new and are a complete gamble. Do not send anything that you are not willing to lose.

Also lets take a look at the new POTJ Stat's site.

Getting started with Smart Contracts:
Step 1: Install MetaMask plugin to your Chrome/Firefox web browser:
Step 2: Send Ethereum to your MetaMask address (click 3 dots in MetaMask then select "view account on etherscan for Eth address."
Step 3: Buy POTJ Tokens from Dashboard: . Enter the amount of Ethereum you have in your MetaMask account. Bump up the gas to 3/4 to make transaction go through faster and hit "Buy Intangible Tewkens"
Step 4: Hodl and withdraw your earnings/dividends to your MetaMask wallet as needed.


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