Three reasons etc might be in for a nice three months

in ethereumclassic •  11 months ago

Etc or ethereum classic is the first big fork of ethereum. Like Eth it uses solidity for smart contacts and can leverage many of the tools built for eth. Three developments bears watching in he next 3 months

  1. a publically traded trust might be available soon after a private trust has traded a year it can move to the stock exchange like gbtc did a while back. It has been almost one year since the etc trust was created and we could see a publically traded vehicle by may

  2. Cross chains coming blockchain 3.0 allows chains to talk to each other. Aion and cosmos are close to launching and polka dot is in the works. After these blockchain 3.0s launch we could see daps that straddle multiple blockchains. The easiest two chains to include would be two that share the same language, solidity.

  3. Some Eth-etc daps emerging with Eth fees spiking after crypto kitties, some daps are now trying to conserve gas. Apparently is a dap that uses eth or etc depending on the cost. We could see more of this as gas prices increase

So etc might have an interesting few months!


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