ICO Polybius, a little investigation after the ball is over

in #ethereum4 years ago (edited)

The site indicates that the token is traded on two (not very well-known) exchanges:

  • c-cex.com (PLBT not found)
  • livecoin.net (Bid ~$2, Ask ~$6.5, ico price $10)

Additionally it could be found on (not indicated on the official website):

From Polybius whitepaper:

PLBT is a token issued within an eToken1 contract. The number of Polybius tokens issued during the ICO equals 20,000,000 (twenty million). However, no further PLBT will be generated after this phase of the project and all the unsold tokens will be destroyed.

As you may see, total supply still 20M: https://etherscan.io/token/0x0affa06e7fbe5bc9a764c979aa66e8256a631f02

I certainly hope that they will comply roadmap, but for now it looks suspicious.

[ information valid on time of check (Jul 07 2017, 13:00 UTC/GMT+0) ]


You forgot to mention it is also being traded on Yobit

Yeah true, but no information about that on a site,
they also mention HitBTC in their newsletter, but right after I make this post.

Yea don't trust it much either it feels as lost money for now. Wanna get rid as fast as possible when it hit hitbtc, but afraid I will lose 3/4th of my money on it

There is a holy rule, buy and hold.
Almost sure, that after Polybius will burned surplus tokens, price will rise.

Unless it's a scam, what most people think and there is quite some evidence

I gave a good read to that ICO, it kept my attention that they had very serious goal, to become the first regulated Bank with Crypto roots in europe, in the medium run. So they are taking regulation very seriously. The first fully digital bank in the world, based on europe (not just some tax free paradise). will se how it goes

I don't want them to fail, I want to believe that everything will end in a positive way.

yes.. I bought some ico and feel disappointed already..

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