ETH Has Hit Long Term Support.

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Hi traders, let's talk about Ethereum.



ETH has had a rough year, the burst of the ICO bubble coupled with fiercer competition among smart contracts platforms triggered a profound change in sentiment regarding a coin once touted to over take Bitcoin's throne.


However, an opportunity is lurking in the chaos.

ETH is testing a 2 year strong support level against BTC.


An area well cushioned by a huge volume well...


...which acted as natural support for the price and resulted in a bounce from a low $170 to a current $194.


The $210 level will prove a tough nut to crack and Ethereum ultimately remains slave to Bitcoin for its recovery but at these price it'll cost you only $6400 to afford 32 ETH and become a validator once sharding rolls out sometimes in 2020.

And that's a pretty decent deal if you believe in the future of the technology.

What say you traders, is $6400 fair price to secure a validator spot on the ETH network?

Until next time,


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