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For those who don't know, Shooter Jennings is a Country Artist, founder of and long time fan of bitcoin and crypto. We became friends through our shared loved of crypto about two years ago.

Shooter is a great guy and even went out of his way to record the voiceover for Augur's "How Augur Works" animated explainer video that has become the most viewed video on prediction markets in YouTube History:

He did this without asking for a penny and to this day I'm thankful for this favor. As REP tokens were distributed last week, I was able to send Shooter his first REP today and he was cool enough to tweet this:

Wanted to share this with everyone to not only talk about Augur, but also to let the community know about how much Shooter cares about this technology and how much he's done to help promote it in the past few years. I hope that some folks can go to BCRMedia and support him by purchasing something with bitcoin! He even offers a storewide 15% off discount for anyone using bitcoin! BCR has releases from other artists besides Shooter, and I can't think of anything better to do than buy something with bitcoin!

Wow, already over 50 upvotes at 4AM EST, thank you! Wanted to add a few links for those who want to check out Augur and/or interested in Shooter Jennings.

Augur Beta:
Augur Website:
Shooter Jennings on Twitter: @ShooterJennings
Augur on Twitter: @AugurProject


ShooterJennings Shooter Jennings tweeted @ 11 Oct 2016 - 00:55 UTC

Just got some @AugurProject REP from my buddy @TonySwish at my #jaxx wallet. Such rad developments happening in the crypto world. Thanks!!

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I liked your article. Helps you like mine ♥ @siams

@tonyswish Incredibly informative Augur video, and so awesome to have that kind of support from Shooter, too. Well done.

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