How to get free 1 Ethereum (1 ETH= 11,300 rupees)

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Hey guys today my post is not a hyip review post. This post is tech you that how to earn free 1 Ethereum.

Hey guys download this app- (google store & app store)

How to work it:-

  1. Just download this app from link. And complete your profile, mobile number verification is mustly required.

  2. Here you post any photo.

  3. When someone Give you a Goal in your photo you can earn $ 0.005 from it.

  4. Here upvote is available, upvote is also counting.

  5. And max pay for refer, you can earn 30 goals from a refer.

2200 Goals= 1 ETH, 360 Goals= $25 Amazon Gift card, 650 Goals= $50 Amazon GV and more Gift card is also available.....

Earning calculator:-
Goals method= Like you post everyday 25 picture and per post you get 20 likes,
so your earning is- 25 X 20= 500(Goals)
500 (Goals)= 500 X 0.005= $2.5 = Rs. 172 (approx.)/ Per day earning

Refer method= Like you complete 50 refer, you can earn from it = 50 X 30 (Goals) = 1500 Goals = $108 = Rs. 7500

Guys finally I decide to make a group, using this group. If you agree just message me in telegram-

I want to make group 1 st target- 50 members.
Screenshot (128).png

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