Ethereum Price Roars Past $700 as Crypto Market Value Rivals That of Facebook

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For the first time, the Ethereum price crossed a significant milestone on Tuesday, surpassing the $700 mark. For that the cryptocurrency market cap achieved an eight percent advance for the isolated occurrence which is adding nearly $33 billion to its rapidly expanding waistline. Today’s cryptocurrencies value is total $430 billion which makes a huge gap between Facebook.

ETH  2.png

On the other hand, Bitcoin loses its share to its peers and now it has a $159.5 billion market can and analysts predict that it will continue to grow around the year. Meanwhile the Ethereum price is now trading at $704 translating into a $69.7 billion market cap and a percent share of the index.
In fine, the bullish wave continued and top tier crypto currency outpaced in a single-day performance. The ripple price swelled 7% and if it continues, Ripple will likely reach dollar parity. The EOS showed the impressive work by the large-cap tier’s which exploding by 26%.
The Litecoin, settler price are risen up to 9 and 7 percent under $164 and $7.4 billion. OTA returned the top-tier’s worst performance, increasing just 4% to $2.19 and NEO is rounding out the top 10 with a 10 percent rally to $83.40.

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Awesome! That's what we crypto holders need.

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I'm so glad I started mining it. Only regret...I didn't start earlier.😁 Great post and great news!

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