this is very unlikely to happen.
as this Hardfork is part of ethereums roadmap, there probably will be an easy consensus.
so in this case nobody would support the the "old chain" and everbody would go with the "upgrade".
(steemit already had 19 Hardforks, you didn't received any other steem...)

Thats a good point, but we do have ETC. My real question is where will all the miners go, because that's going to drive the difficulty up on all the other coins to mine.

Etc is the result of an unexpected hardfork, triggerd through the DAO drama.
So there was a moral issue about this Hardfork, which ended up in two camps.
But we don't had another splitted chain after the Hardfork from "Frontier" to "Homestead".
Cause no one wants stay in an outdated system if everybody else is going with the updates.
As this is transparent and foreseeable for everbody an agreement about the metropolis HF should be easy.
Nearly everbody involved and excited about ethereum should already agree about this, as it is part of ethereums evolution process.

Miners do whatever will be profitable.
i am not sure which coins are profitable to mine with eth mining hardware.

thanks for the info so will I have to worry about moving my coins in our out of a certain wallet?

no. you don't have to do anything.
(if you don't mine)
but it is always advisable to have your coins in a certain wallet

what wallet do you recommend ? i currently use EXODUS

i depends on the usage.

Cold wallet : paper wallet, ledger nano, etc.
Hot wallet : myetherwallet , metamask, parity, (, mist) ...

i don't know much about exodus wallet, but maybe you feel rationally comfortable with it.
It is useful to manage several cryptocurrencies in one wallet.
just be aware if you just want to hold your ether you should prefer a cold wallet.
if you want to make transactions just try some Wallets and find out which one works for you the best.
But be aware that there are scammers, phishing attacks and other things going around the wild west. (e.g. myetherwallet)

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