Explain Ethereum like I'm a stoner/wanna be philosopher - part II

in #ethereum5 years ago (edited)

This is an updated submission for my friend's site, WhatTheFuckIsEthereum.com

Imagine the Ethereum Network like a giant, global dispensary and farmer's co-op that nobody owns. Instead, members of the network pitch in the occasional bud (computer resources) when someone about to have a much bigger party (C++ developers, wizards, etc.) needs to borrow from the stash. These “parties” could be all kinds of things from distributed movie renderings to web applications.

Unlike bumming your friend smokes, however, or central banks, user of your “bud” is backed by "smart contracts" which ensure that participants of the Ethereum Network are compensated even if the party really sucked. This means more parties, bigger parties and better yet, parties which can't leave everyone broke.

The Dude abides...

UPDATE: Check it out now on WhatTheFuckIsEthereum.com!


Eth is so cheap now if only I can alsos by more.

Nice one Dude...makes me want to buy some eth at this lower price we are seeing today. I own a little right now but have been on the fence on whether or not to buy more. My favorite crypto is litecoin but I have a little bit of almost everything. Great article man.


Thanks! I don't typically write things like this but it was a worthy challenge for a noble cause and I had to go for it :P

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