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RE: Poloniex Following The Cryptsy Curve

in #ethereum6 years ago

I must admit when the trollbox got shut down I was concerned . particularly since before that I saw post after post talking about stuck deposits.


I was around for the entire life of Cryptsy as well, and I was warning people years before they folded that they were not to be trusted. There are so many parallels here it is scary. I don't expect Poloniex to last much longer.

I hope you got out in time. The main thing that bothers me about Poloniex is that so little is known about the CEO. There's a Linkedin page that says he's a musician and that's about it. No interviews, nothing. I also remember seeing a Reddit thread where people were questioning the legitimacy of the company address.

I did. I had a very small amount left in for trading since there were no really good alternatives for altcoin trading at the time, but it was an inconsequential amount. The CEO being a shady character does not surprise me. I bet he has his tickets to China ready to go.

You've definitely given me something to think about, I think I'm moving over to Bittrex, I already have an account there just never traded there before.

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