Would You love to share more on the ideas?

Hello @mcblessing1
Have you heard of Time Banking? It’s a great concept where people share skills hour for hour! I started one in my home town years ago. We had 12 members ranging from lawyers, gardeners and pet sitters. It was great! I did an hour of yard work and then used that hour to have our families will done! It was challenging to get people engaged though. It didn’t make it. I still believe in it’s concept. Time as currency. Now I’m learning about block chain, and it seems like they work together. What do you think? ⏳

Hmnnn... I see what You mean.. Like a Barter system.. right?
But I'm wondering how Blockchain comes in.

Yes like a barter system. Except everyone’s time is worth the same value. I see people using Steem to promote running. #runforsteem. Maybe paying people crypto to exchange instead of just time would be motivating? Idk... brainstorming. F7384D28-54D4-4B4E-AA91-158E1CB2BC32.gif

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