Skyllz ICO - Empower Human Skills on Blockchain

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ICOs get more and more interesting this days. Skyllz as name says, wants to use Proof of Skills to pay people bounties.

So they will allow Skills Touchpoints Applications called STapps where developers will be able to build smart apps on top of protocol such as e-learning platforms, networking platforms, portfolio platforms, offline education platforms or any other platform that want to benefit from and add value to the Skyllz ecosystem. Then users can validate own skills across STapps with Proof-of-Skill (kinf of reputation system) and finance their self-development with Skyllz Tokens.

First Platform Live

Workkola is already a working platform that will use the system. Can be seen at
The site helps digitally-skilled students show their talents and build their own Talent Brand to get amazing job opportunities. It also helps companies to find proper employees.

Join ICO

As usual, you should use ERC20 compliant wallet as Ethereum is needed to join this presale.
There is no date set yet you can only subscribe by email so there is enough time to do proper research.


This post is just an information. As always remember to do your own research before investing in anything.

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Thanks for the heads up! Looks interesting!

This looks pretty interesting. There are a load of worthless token issues and it’s getting increasingly difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff! On the surface this looks pretty good though.

So its basically Fiver or on a BlockChain... Gotcha

Thanks for sharing. Will definitely do some deeper research about it.

Next..proof of sleep.Sleep and get paid. :D

lol.. I guess proof of sleep will allow Sleep Touchpoints Applications called SLapps where developers can build smart apps like eDream.

This is the points many interesting projects may cause loss of focus, this system sound really interesting, thank you for sharing I will take a look :)

I’ve been wondering how block chain could merge with time exchanges... this post gave me some ideas! Thanks King :)

Would You love to share more on the ideas?

Hello @mcblessing1
Have you heard of Time Banking? It’s a great concept where people share skills hour for hour! I started one in my home town years ago. We had 12 members ranging from lawyers, gardeners and pet sitters. It was great! I did an hour of yard work and then used that hour to have our families will done! It was challenging to get people engaged though. It didn’t make it. I still believe in it’s concept. Time as currency. Now I’m learning about block chain, and it seems like they work together. What do you think? ⏳

Hmnnn... I see what You mean.. Like a Barter system.. right?
But I'm wondering how Blockchain comes in.

Yes like a barter system. Except everyone’s time is worth the same value. I see people using Steem to promote running. #runforsteem. Maybe paying people crypto to exchange instead of just time would be motivating? Idk... brainstorming. F7384D28-54D4-4B4E-AA91-158E1CB2BC32.gif

Amazing and very interessing post thank you for sharing
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The weather is always like this here. ;)

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Love the layout man. Keep it up!


Good Luck...please visited and vote ^_^

excelente muy interesante este articulo

Great educational post.. Much appreciated!!

thanks for the information.@kingscrown

thank you for sharing

Everything is beautiful, bright and promising with the ico, but what happens with the big scams that have happened, not everything is rosy, (I'm not saying that this is the case) but the truth is that you have to be very pending with fictitious projects ,,,

This is really awesome
The part where individuals will be given opportunity to exhibit their talents is just one of a kind
Cause it's going to do help the young and talented build up themselves better with hope for the future

thank you for sharing info my friend .. i like same post you my friend

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So its basically Fiver or on a BlockChain... Gotcha

Very nice and informative post for all steemians..
Stay blessed

ICOs get more and more interesting this days

Very true

Thanks a lot for sharing us most important & didactive news.We can gather many experience from your blog.
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with the rise of new technologies skyllz is going to be the best thing that has ever happened to man kind.movung to a greater heights..

great ....i will join this community :)

Sounds like an interesting idea, and I think it will also motivate beginner coder to practice and improve. It has potential.

hey, the idea seems good to me, an excellent initiative to give him everything.

very nice post..
thanks for sharing.

This age we're in is about to experience a great great boom in opportunities.
This is a great one.. I hope to participate in this soon.

Thanks for sharing.

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