Ethereum Appears To Be Gearing Up For A Price Jump. By Gregory Mannarino

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Lions and Crypto traders.

The chart below is a snapshot of ETHUSD taken directly off my website (4 hour time interval).
The specific pattern here is BULLISH for Ethereum. I believe this is something we need to watch.


Have a look at this chart for yourself (simply change the ticker to ETHUSD and adjust the time line to 4 hours. Click here:

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Go Ethereum! You too, Litecoin.

ETH is following BTC so we will see

We are getting higher regarding crypto.

Ethereum to the moon!

Be careful. This is the final month before the EOS launch. ETH is going to get taken out sooner or later. EOS and ADA are nipping at ETH's heels and are major upgrades.


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If Vitalik announces the date when Casper starts, that will be a giant jump, and something tells me he has to do it before EOS block1 launches.

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upvote resteem done sir,you are great

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