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RE: Getting in to ICOs - A Guide and Some Tips & Tricks

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With ICOs you can you lose 100% of what you have invested but your earning potential is unlimited. Long life to ICOs!!
Hope you get lucky with yours :D


This is not true in any way..

How so? It's very true you could lose 100%, granted 'unlimited' isn't a real measure of gain you could receive, but it's ~75% true if you consider potential growth >>> potential loss.

You can lose 100% if you're completely scammed and the price drops literally to 0, which isn't the case for any ICOs I've seen, even scam ones.

Earning potential is strictly limited by many factors, it's false to say otherwise. It's true that some ICOs will have large returns, but few actually outperform the growth of Ethereum. When comparing ICO value to the value of crypto as a whole, most are not very good investments (and that's while ICOs are in their prime right now, when the ICO bubble bursts it's going to be much, much worse).

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