StarBase ICO - Decentralized Platform for Crowdfunding

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This is a hidden gem i would say so i have decided to write a word on it. Theres still plenty days to do research.

Starbase is like kickstarter just token based where VCs or people will be able to easily invest money into various projects and startups. There will be Ethereum, BTC and other currencies allowed to make ease of investment.

Not only you will be able to invest but you will also be able to see what community wants from projects, how are they forecasting future gains.

What i also like is that Starbase will be sharing the revenue from fees they make on platform among among all token holders.

Among their Advisors there is also some really big names so project looks solid to me.

ICO Details
Token Name: STAR
Utility: Possible discount/Priority rights for token purchasers. Marketing power for token sales, and Starbase platform premium service payment
Accepted Payment: Ether(ETH)
Date: Nov 9 2017 15:00:00 UTC to Nov 24 2017 15:00:00 UTC
Payment: Through our website
Total to be Raised: $2,000,000 USD
Minimum Contribution 0.1 ETH

Holders will receive the final amount of STAR Token just after the Crowdsale ends. The amount of STAR each individual buyer receives is determined by how much Starbase is able to raise. If more funds are raised, then the individual amount each buyer receives decreases, but this is compensated by an increase in STAR value.

Website to find out more:

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This seems to be one great ICO... lots of substance in it. Thanks for sharing!

The more diverse types of investments make us think smart to choose the safest and most profitable system, I personally remain convinced that for now and for the future Ethereum, BTC and other digtal currencies will dominate all the joints of life.

Seems crypto market is bursting with ICO 😁😁

Just one questions if each token that we hear of runs on diff block chain or 2 tokens can run on same block chain?? 🤔

This sounds pretty awesome. I’ll be checking it out. Thanks for the info once again @kingscrown

@kingscrown, I need to agree with you,

"This is a hidden gem"

Finally an ICO that I can buy into the idea, I'm definitely going to research about this ico, thanks for sharing with us :D

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Sounds good. I will keep an eye on it. Thanks.

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Great information, i want to try that new ico

in my opinion Everyday crypto market have new ICO to introduce..But only some of them are sustainable.. @kingscrown

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Well it's an good information

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This is amazing platform. I am loving it.

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I love to invest on ico coins.. usually they return 10x investment.. only patience is key to win in ico coins.. invest then hold tightly until it goes 10x.. i need some personal analysis before investing on STAR.

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thanks a lot @kingscrown for update of StarBase ICO. Thats a huge marginal point you finally told. Crowdsale finished, the received star tokens to the ICO holders. and starbase can be increase. I will check it out. its more important thing. We will try to more rewards and benefits. Then We`ll rise up invest volume in blockchain platform.

Genial esperemos que sea buena. Saludos

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Any ideas on what the percentage of shared revenue will be per coin?

Love it thanks and God Bless

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A wonderful ICO....Thanks for sharing

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Crowd funding to start a crowd funding for crowd funding.

Thanks for share @kingscrown

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Wow this one caught your interest. It must be real good. will definitely check this one out. By the way do they have a discord channel as well?

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Really nice & smart post....!!...I like it.👌

Well done!

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Houston, I have a problem. I don't have the 0.1 ETH. 😂

thats easy to fix - buy some ;)

Om im liking this.i know people that used kickstarter

Thanks for this post @kingscrown ! I had participated in their bounty campaign last year itself and earned more than 2000 STAR tokens :D

Starbase have also partnered with Bitcoin Suisse

Another one ..

Hope the ICO Skyrocket and proves its name for real

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