NEO and GAS prices going up, There is Big News to Be Released in 3 Days

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NEO called the Chinese Ethereum is preparing some big news in 3 days.

There are currently few translations of this (feel free to add one more if you can read cn).

Progress doesn't stop. By the time you have read this, you are already standing with Neo, on the path of world change. 3 days to something happening. Until then, life is good

moving forward, never stopping when you have read this, you are one with neo, let's change the world together 3 days to an announcement 3 lifetimes of blessing

Either way it means in 3 days something will happen. Some people speculate big NEO update with smart contracs function and some speak of some China gov news.

NEO Markets

Notice arbitrage opportunity on Binance vs Bittrex.

GAS Markets

Important to note that if you hold NEO on Binance they will give you GAS, but for others to get what you deserve is my tutorial below. If you trust Poloniex theres often aribtrage option between this two.

Guide how to get GAS from your NEO -

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Honestly NEO in my opinion is the best long term hodl in the crypto-space. This thing should be so much higher than it actually is! Already ICO's from China are coming out using only NEO (Red Pulse for example). This thing should sky rocket when China comes back into the scene.

Buy it below $35 I'm telling you!

NEO $46 right... NEO to the MOON......

S47 ;D

This big News seems to be deflating some what

NEO have made a good grow up but will be correction ;)

Great post

  1. Always a prophetic number. :)

Wonder what the big news is

Buy the rumor and be prepared to sell the actual news.

How high will it go... Because steemit also announced in the past greet news (also other cryptos) and the price didnt went up. So im not sure the price will go up sky rocket.

Difference is, NEO is a platform for ICOs....

Still im not sure about neo... But we will see after the announcement

The news didnt do a thing with the neo price as i predicted. People pumps before the announcements and after the annoucement, people dump the token. Feel really sorry for the people who has boight at high price

I will stick to Bitcoin till the end :)

Haha, nice one.

And nothing more

Which end might come sooner than you think :)

Bitcoin will survive and I am here to support till the end. I will fight for it with all my strength :)

oooh ..i am bit late to check your post but not too late,....Thanks @kingscrown for highlighting another opportunity on time

Even if is going up. I am not going to invest there. I prefer invest in new cryptocurrencys.

I'm glad I didn't sell when it hit that all time low. NEO to the moon 🚀

#NEO Exchange #NEX release on Monday. NEX first #ICO #Token on NEX-Exchange.

More Infos in German here:

I pumped into NEO when it was at $43, and did not sell when it had touched $60. Then it dived to less than $20 and later kept hovering at around $30.
Oh, what a relief!

Keep hodling! You will be rewarded.

Cheers! :) Who knows, it may reach $100 in a day or two! Touch wood.

Doesn’t china have strict restrictions on crypto currency market?

thanks @kingscrown for this vital info... so you mean Neo is a good buy now and if i get neo coin, i get free Gas when i buy it in Binance exchange?

@kingscrown always post great news
waiting for your post sir thanks for sharing

sold my neo couple days ago, i always have luck damn ahah

Interesting post Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The blockchain is here to stay. No matter what any crypto will do in the upcoming years. I think that's a conclusion we can make by now.

very good information for commodity traders.... thanks lot

how can the price of NEO and GAS fluctuate so much on the different markets? i dont understand that one

Supply and demand in specific trading portals. Thats when happens when its decentralized. When crypto becomes truly global you will have arbitrageurs calibrating the price. Its the efficient market hypothesis

so once it takes over fiat currency, it should be more of a set price accros all markets?

Nope, true free markets decide. If prices fluctuate then it fluctuate because it has to. If ocean waves are five metres, then one metre tomorrow, it's still that. Free ocean not manipulated or controlled by banks govt, cartels, cabal.

gotcha makes sense to me now, thanks!

C'mon, baby!

which crypto coin would you advice one to purchase presently as btc as gone too high, talking about an investment within a year+ or so thanks

Hacken, pascoin, bitecoin. There’s pretty good to invest in a year. Hacken got not much volitilty witchy make it good. Hope it helps.

thanks for your response

Neo, BCC, Steem is due to jump soon

thanks much appreciated

invest in EOS

And of course, Bittrex screwed up the NEO market for "routine maintenance"...dammit

Move to Binance. They will help you get the Gas with zero hassle.

nice post.informative

Amazing! My friend hold 140 NEO, good for him.

DO YOU SMELL THAT??? All time highs on the wayyyyy

GAS is more valuable then NEO, GAS is used to move any/all transactions on the NEO network. GAS is reusable, limited in supply and will take 22 years to mine the remaining tokens.

I also just found this:

Hmmmm, it looks like it is a buy buy buy for NEO. I knew they were going to be good....(no I didn't lol)

Some serious dough is going to be poured in from my end.

Great information. Been watching Neo little longer and this info came just in the perfect moment. Thanks for sharing

they both jumped by 15-20% since u posted this lol

This is the 'sell the news' part right?

When China wants anything to happen, it will happen. lol

Thank you for share.

I just caught some NEO.. Been lookin at it for a while. I'm glad I could add this to my portfolio Its whitepaper will be released in 3 days. That's my guess on the announcement, after 5 minutes of research.


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Awesome, thanks! :)

Thank you for sharing useful information over Steemit. I hope you are even more successful by making more successful and useful writings.
Thanks and Best Regards

Interesting concept.
I look forward to seeing the rules for interpersonal drama resolution

follow upvote comment meh

Could that message be anymore vague lol

It's definitely a official BUY Signal from NEO haha

I wished I've seen this post little before. I just sold a neo on bittrex. The price was good though

Neo will continue to appreciate in my view. It has been wonderful for my crypto portfolio and I am hodling.

I pumped neos and waiting for it to launch a rocket to the moon !!!! 3 more days for the Rocket Launch !!!

Great news. Is it regulated and / or backed by China Govt. ?

Communist blockchain and they call it decentralised lol...

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I feel like it's going to be substantial improvements to their blockchain. As much as I'd like for it to be something insane, like China permitting NEO as one accepted crypto, I think we will ultimately be disappointed. Still HODL though. :-/

I wish I had the money to invest in neo but I don’t so I will maybe buy some steem and see how it goes in a year or so.

Good article. Bought Neo a few months ago. Binance helps with getting Gas without any hassle. It could eat Ethereum slowly. So looking forward to $60-100 levels in short to medium term.

Whatever happens, Crypto is ultimately gonna come as a winner in the end. I suppose decentralised Crypto is the Ultimate solution and Blockchain is Answer to the corrupt government run offices. Imagine the matrix world...Neo!!!

waoo kingskron daamgood @abdulsalim

I've known of neo for a long time and I have done some study on it. That link you gave on how to get gas from your neon would be very helpful. I'll have to give it a look. Thanks for the update.

DQmX6yo16Ttpoq2hjsDx2Ad5aPm2BRfyMoHdRQN3w7YVWes.png Sorry, English is not very good.

wow very good informations etheriom .............

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