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NEO is the Ethereum for China (at least as advertised). It was first called Antshares, got rebranding and.. soared as crazy to 60 USD per coin.

Oter than this there was other coin introduced - GAS. GAS is needed to make transaction, on ETH just parts of ETH are converted to GAS, here its different coin that stakes if you hold NEO (so you can use the coins you hold).

But it also has an advantage, the more you hold and the longer - the more GAS you get.


Its at 50% of previous ATH so may be good to enter AWOD.


Its at 15 USD now and trades just on 3 chinese markets. We can assume it will be added to Bittrex in near future.

How to Use NEO Wallet and Mine GAS

Main NEO wallet is irritating and buggy (at least to me) but they have made a light version called NEON.
Download here:

After installing create account and deposit NEO.
Important - you can only deposit EVEN amounts. So meet fees on exchange to send you ie 8 9 10 12 coins not 9,99.

Then load wallet and wait a bit, new button will show up to claim GAS.

Just claim it from time to time. Then you can send either GAS or NEO when needed.

Test on My Wallet If Needed

If you want you can try sending me something - AN4oCZzj1AWfcWZkkFAXdPY5MbYgAZktcC :)

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Yeah I made that mistake on Bittrex. Bought 1 NEO but can't send it to my wallet until I cover the gas charge... Now I'll have to wait until I get some more $ deposited to liberate it!

change it to tether, when neo is cheaper, buy it again.

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thanks, I will take a look.

Good recommend. I hadn'd heard of tether until this and just looked it up. Looks like it's a good place to "park" dollars when the cryptos are declining. I sent you an upvote for this @taspingo and I'll be following you now. Thanks!

tethr is always 1 USD . you can keep your money for a while till you decide to buy.

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splain this sorcery with tether
HomeNewsCryptoTether Issues an Additional 20 Million USDT Unexpectedly
Tether Issues an Additional 20 Million USDT Unexpectedly JP Buntinx September 4, 2017 Crypto, News TheMerkle Tether Bitfinex USDT
There are multiple developments with Tether and their issuance of USDT right now. Although the company has had some issues in the past regarding their banking situation, those problems have mostly been resolved. However, a lot of new tokens have been brought into circulation out of the blue over the past few days. This is particularly worrying because the company has yet to provide an audit or a balance sheet to explain this discrepancy.

what did you purchase it was @longshot if you don't mind me asking?

Just split a small stake into several items - more to start deposits into wallets and teach myself how to use different exchanges & shapeshift more than anything else. Split it 50/50 BTC&ETH. With the BTC I got STEEM, NEO & BTC change. With the ETH I bought some XMR and split what was left of the ETH to convert it to EOS in the Exodus wallet. (Really LIKE that wallet as it's able to interact with shapeshift seamlessly within the wallet!)

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Yo ,
Very interesting read, Thanks you for sharing it!

I couldn't agree with you more completely!!

While I don't believe mining for GAS is profitable right now, this is a well written, easily understandable post.

When I ask questions to @kingscrown in these posts, it feels like talking to a brick wall, also I don't think I've ever seen him respond in any comments. Anyone else feel the same way?

Yes, you are right. He rarely replies in the comments. You can check his comments history here

Maybe he does not feel the need to do so. He has 10,000+ followers already.

this is steemit, if you have steem power you are people, if not you are nothing, this kingscrown even use referral links and nobody flag him, I was flaged twice just because I used referral links, I even wrote a post about that, I hope the situation will change and we will all be the same here, not just rich developer became more rich

I hope so too, I'll keep on commenting on his videos, see if he or someone else is even reading them.

I couldn't agree with you more completely!!!

Did you have a question you need answered? Ya know, Steemit is chocked full of intellectuals... More than you can shake a stick at 😎 So more than likely, somebody else could answer your question, too! I totally understand what it's like to have more comments and messages than patience to respond.

Steemit is chocked full of intellectuals? Hardly. I don't see any reason why Steemit should have more intellectuals than the average social media platform. If anything many people are here after easy small money, something which many intellectuals don't look for.
Sometimes I'll have a question which needs answered sure. Other times I just want to see if the person I follow and read every day ever sees any of my comments. I know what you mean if he had 1000's of comments a day but with a few hundred a day, I reckon authors ought to spend a good 10-20% of their time simply interacting with their readers out of appreciation.
I search for "kingscrown" in the comment section in his articles but until now have not seen him comment at all. I'm sure he does very occasionally.

Well there are a ton of intellectuals on Steemit. It's just a fact. You just commented saying if you asked questions, you wouldn't get a response... but I noticed that it really doesn't matter who answers your question, and I'v actually made new connections by random people answering my questions (: This is the first app where people actually welcome people, and it's very friendly which is an intellectual feature in itself. Plus, the average person familiar with crypto is typically an intellect by default... In my book at least.

Fair enough

You are correct, with so many followers somebody likely would answer.

Even is not worth it for now, i think this is very helpful! Thank you a lot.

If you are ok with storing it on an exchange then Binance gives you GAS when you store NEO on their exchange. Binance seems to be making the right moves to win the confidence of the traders and HODLers at the same time. I invested a little in BNB as well. Let us see how it goes.

Very useful indeed. Will try it when I get the chance.
Thanks for posting!

I love collecting gas, so satisfying haha :)


How much do you get from how many neos? Is it worth it

If you have 100 NEO (which is around 3000 USD at current rate)

You are expected to get 9.6 GAS each year.

It is not really worth it, unless NEO becomes as popular as Ethereum

You can check out the dividends at this site:

Yes you are right! there are much better proof of stake coins out there than to hold neo to get gas! Thanks for the reply and voted!


No problem! I am thinking about investing in NEO as well :P

Which PoS coins are you looking at?

Am looking at ember coin right now but just watchin progress right now! Also bitconnect staking is good too!



Bitconnect staking is good? How much capital you need to have for one token?

Current price is around $127 per BCC!

im buying this on bittrex.. not put on wallet for now.

I Will try this to mine.. thanks for post

Thank you @kingscrown for a good post with needed info. Steem on ;)

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Neo in my wallet and earning GAS, thanks!

I had neo sitting in my jaxx wallet and it was not earning GAS. I transferred it into my neon wallet and it started earning right away. so it is best not to store NEO in JAXX right now (11/18/17) if you want GAS--maybe that will change in the future.

I use neon and it is good.

how do you use it exactly ? There is literally no service out there who is accepting NEO, and btw. it is not called neon.

there wallet called neon, you can download it from neo website.
Check it first then tell me.

Ouh, they really picked such a confusing name. I didn`t knew that. Thanks for clearing it out.


I hope you found the neon web wallet from neo site,

dowload it

fund neo token

leave wallet on to get your gas

check this site for neo/gas calculator

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Yeap confirm there's a wallet call NEON. I think Morpheus wallet is coming out too! Way better than NEON wallet. have to key in private key everytime for Neon wallet.. so not safe!

Do you have more informations about Morpheus wallet ?

Check this web! watch their video.

wow, this looks actually really good. Thanks for the link.

No prob man! always happy to share info. :)

right now I use neon, simple and easy.

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using minnowsupport to support this post? Are you a minnow?


what's a minnow? too lazy to google... :P

It is a service for Have a look at, where you can delegate your Steem Power and getting returns in Steem Dollar.

newbie at crypto or Steemit

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Thanks for the reliable information @kingscrown, we are waiting for GAS on the main sites, I hope the coin will get stronger and go up.

Already in. Cool project when you holding neo you are getting gas that's why people's don't sell the neo wchich make price of it bigger and bigger. And Chinese government give support for neo

You don't mine gas, you earn it by holding neo


I do believe that NEO has a lot of potential and in greatly undervalued. right now due to the recent pullback.

tons of coins are down after the recent pullback. Neo lost a lot of value though going from over 55 down to 30ish

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this is a very informative article about cryptocurrency :-)

Good post..thank you for sharing

useful information, you update the market value of Ethereum.
thank you for sharing information.

Oh finally a reliable post about GAS and how does this coin works. I really like the way you can mine GAS, by holding NEO the price goes up, your investment goes up and you earn some GAS, it's amazing! Thanks for the information, new follower here!

same thing goes for pivx and several other coins

Yup and MCAP who I'm not too big on yet but they have a loyalty program that rewards you in ETH for having MCAP in your MyEtherWallet.

Thanks for sharing

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Wow, thank's for the great info!!!!!!

Oh, just a quick tip for the noobs out there! ;)

If you buy/hold your NEO on Binance, they actually give you your gas. I want to say they distribute it... Daily? I never recommend leaving coins on an exchange, but it is a nice plus for those who do!

I'm actually incredibly grateful to the team behind the NEON wallet. Granted, claiming your NEO Gas through the standard wallet isn't the hardest thing in the world. But having to mess with technical stuff turns off newcomers. Ease of use is king in the crypto world in my opinion.


Proof of Stake coins are the best!

Neo is severely under priced at the moment - I expect it to moon this coming week whilst everything else bleeds for a change.


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Nice post friend i am new to this so is there any tip for me on how to grow on steemit plz share it. Waiting eagerly for your reply fella.

thank you for sharing @kingscrown, was not aware

Thanks. I was not aware of this.

Excellent post, greetings

IF you buy your NEO on binance exchange it generates GAS whilst still on the exchange as opposed to Bittrex where you have to move it to a wallet prior to generating GAS.

@kingscrown ,please allow me to translate your post to chinese in order to spread this message to Chinese community.
Upvote me if you like it!
Link here :

Thanks for the tip, free money are never bad!

Thanks for this info. So can I start with just 2-3 NEO tokens?

There are already ton of posts about Gas and still as many people who want to know how much money they could make

very nice article

quality articles .. keep your business working for everyone.


Heard good things about NEO. Definitely one to keep and eye on.

Kupiłem, ale muszę poczekać i dokupić, żeby przekroczyć liczbę całkowitą. Szkoda płacić tyle marży

Are there other cryptos that work the same way as NEO?

Danke für diesen sehr informativen Beitrag

thanks a lot for telling about this time to grab some

thx for the new lesson :)

Question: if I keep my neo on the neon wallet and my computer stops working, do I just download the neon wallet again on another computer and enter the private key to recover the neo?


good information keep postin .

very good, thanks

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you for the post. It's timely. I have a large position in NEO and recently my crypto focused newsletter said they were searching for a wallet option outside of Bittrix to move to so we could collect our GAS. It turns out that Bittrex simply keeps the GAS so we don't get what's ours. I'm going to send a link to this post to Palm Beach Confidential so they can potentially recommend to their subscribers. Do you happen to know at what rate we earn GAS?

upvoted and resteemed.

Did you not get the recent message about sharing our paid for investment advice with others? You like to hurt your fellow subscribers? Geez!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I shared nothing accept the name of a newsletter and the reason this article was relevant. I don't give out picks. The article is about NEO and a potential wallet that allows holders of NEO to get paid out their GAS dividend. I didn't introduce NEO, the article did. I did send a link of this article to the newsletter because they are looking for a solution. I'm not in the business of giving away proprietary information that needs to be paid for and haven't given away anything proprietary here either.

I often try to get people to subscribe to at least one financial newsletter because if we're ignorant we will never have financial freedom. I've recommended several of my favorites to people I work with and to friends as well, but 99% of the population won't subscribe to a newsletter. I think its great when people likewise pay for one so they can get smarter about investing. So I talk to people all the time about getting a subscription to X, Y or Z newsletter, whichever is most relevant to their situation and will continue to do this.

My personal favorites are the Stansberry Investment Advisory (Porter Stansberry) and True Wealth by Steve Sjuggerrud followed by the Palm Beach Letter and any of the Casey speculation focused products. These companies would be happy to have someone promote their newsletters, and in fact spend a ton of effort and money on their marketing and cross marketing through the other newsletter franchises I subscribe to in order to get the word out.

I appreciate your message.

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Hi @kingscrown I'm really glad I started following you, I had no idea really about this coin, but considering the GAS I will now invest in a little NEO and might even point my mining operation towards it.

i am upvoted and reply your post plz visit me
upvoted,reply,follow and resteem when you work in steemit thanks alot,
my id =

NEO and GAS, both buys.

Thanks. I was not aware of this.

So if I'm understanding this right, you collect neo through that website. And the longer and more neo you hold, it also mines more GAS, which is another cryptocurrency, right?

you are not collecting neo through that website, rather just by holding those coins in your wallet.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for sharing all this information! that's great! All the best! Waiting for more posts! :)

Did not know about this currency. Thnx

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good job

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Is there any reason to collect the GAS sooner rather than later, or is it fine to let it build up before claiming it? I wonder the same thing when I claim fractional amounts into my Steem wallet.

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

very interesting, thank you!

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Very good info provided by @kingcrown seriously i didn't know that and that's why being on steemit is so important because you learn things you wouldn't usually learn anywhere else. Great post at again as usual.

I really like the way you make the post, and the simplicity of all the content.
A model to follow

After hovering between 0.002BTC and 0.003BTC ($6 - $8) for months, NEO has made some astounding progress in both value and market capitalization. For the trailing month, NEO has been one of the top five highest-volume cryptocurrencies, among Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin​ (LTC), Ripple (XRP), and others.

I already knew this information but I'm upvoting to the visibility for other NEOers


I need to get me some neon and gas. Looks very promising.

Alright, like explained above the coin is called NEO and the wallet is called NEON.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Isn't it amazing? It produces gas. After I learned it, I love NEO more! Go NEO go! Upvoted and resteemed! Thanks for sharing!

Hi @kingscrown thanks alot for this information! I hope that we will see gas soon on main sites.
Will check it out and stake some I guess

Thanks alot !

very nice article

I'm really interested ...

Is it profitable at all? Or I need to "billions" in GAS to get 10 coins?

check out play around with the amount of neo for different rates of gas generation

That was a clear post

Resteemd so I can use it for later


I think Neo is approaching towards its death. It has fallen to $20 now.

Great read. Thanks for the post

"But it also has an advantage, the more you hold and the longer - the more GAS you get." So if I understand that correctly , It would be best to buy Neo and hold them for a long time to get the max value out of Gas ? This sounds very interesting , because I m always looking for Long term investments. Thank you

Great post and I have heard about collecting idle coins etc through stakes. NEO has dropped back to $30 again and might be worth buying a few but may go down a little more before going back up.

thanks for that important info. Where is the best place to buy NEO now, to take advantage of the price reduction?