Horizon State - Decision Token ICO (Vote for elections on blockchain)

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This is an interesting ICO thats gonna start at October 16 so you have enough time to read on it and do some due diligence.

Its touching a subject of voting on blockchain that can be verified, is public and cannot be faked. I think this is one of things that blockchain is great for and I'm positive sooner or later all elections and votes will be done this way. Of course if governments allow it, they may not like the transparency it gives. But this is topic of another post.

Small Demo

Whats interesting is that their partner is already MiVOTE which already tries to make this concept live.

Keep Voting Cheaper

Of course this can work not just for politics but also all sort of things like surveys, contests etc. I think it's an interesting concept and worth checking.

ICO Terms

To learn more visit https://horizonstate.com/ which is official site of the project.

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Just bought some! Thanks!

I've been waiting for something like this! Is this the only one around? Thanks for the share @kingscrown!

sybil attack ?

Thank you for posting this. Voting on the blockchain is a no-brainer imo

I'm a sucker for bitcointalk, so I found the ANN and made a comment, Team looks professional. My only issue is the number of tokens. 1,000,000,000 is a ton of coins. 3750 per ETH in the pre-sale. Here is a link to the ANN for anyone interested:


I will try ideas you offer.
thank you @shawnfishbit

If you think thats alot check out eletroneum its at 21billion lol though they wanted it to be traded at only 2 decimal points for easablilty of adoption from

This would be useful for 3rd world countries where vote buying is prevalent. A decentralised voting system will prevent fraud and vote manipulation. Will be looking into this. Thank you

Only in third world countries? If im not mistaken the US elections had some troubles with dead votes too...

Shoot , batman, in Chicago we vote at LEAST twice per office.

Awesome post. Being new to this realm of crypto and ico i have been looking for ones to invest in!! This is exactly what I want to support and see adopted in many places. Ill be checking this out further!!!

Very good project.It s can avoid any fraud in elections.

Yes. This really is the way of the future and a practical use for blockchain technology.

The idea seems really good. But my only question is, wouldn't every country/election body want a separate blockchain for their elections? And the reason for the ICO is still not clear to me, I mean why do they want to introduce a new coin?

The size of a public network is what plays a critical part in securing the vote.

The token is used by governments and companies to pay the fees required to commit constituent votes to the blockchain.

Awesome post. This is the safest way to do elections, safer than paper elections, but why would our old and selfish politicians put the axe to their feet. They don't have anything for them in it, so it is gonna face problems coming mainstream.

I don't get it? I understand how verifiable crypto tokens can make voting easier and empower true democracy but this doesn't do that.

This is a token sale, so people want to make money. If I buy 51% of the tokens, where do my returns come from? Surely that means I win every vote and the system collapses? So the person with the most money (most tokens) gets most votes?

Horizon State tokens are not votes. They are used by large companies and governments to pay the fees required to commit the votes of their consitutuents to the blockchain.

The more Horizon State customers there are, the higher demand the tokens will be in.

very nice great information

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You mean this will ensure there are no dead people voting ? What are the democrats going to do?

amazing work
very good project that helps to avoid fraud in elections
even i was waiting for something like this
thanks for sharing buddy

This actually looks really cool and I think would pretty much be the first of its kind in crypto world unless I'm mistaken. More importantly there is a practical use for it that I could see being valuable in years to come

wow Very interesting Really beautiful work, ThankS you for sharing

Thanks for the information, going to take a look at it.
With so many coins coming out it's very hard to keep up with what's going to take off next, to many pump and dump coins but if your active in watching the prices you can get some money out of it, again thanks for sharing.

thanks for the information. what your news is useful for us all ..

I'm supporting this ICO!
Already got few tokens from Theviralexchange and made the signature on BitcointalkForum to support this ICO!

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This is great information, simple and straight to the point. May look into this more. Thanks @kingscrown will be following!

This could potentially change the way voting works and reduce the cost and save tax payers money!

Guess mainstream media will not write a story on this and let people know that options exist out there!

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it's less than a month left! thank you for this info @kingscrown! :)

This is an nice post on blockage of cryptocurrency. Politics on the cryptocurrency by few peoples is despondent activity by them.

Give me bitcoin please

very good project that helps to avoid fraud in elections

This is amazing! Many thabks for the info @kingscrown :D

The word has not only to spread,
that would explain so much...

Informasi yang sangat bermanfaat @kingscrown. Coocok anda diperingkat witness.

a good post my friends love it greetings from me.

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Thats a great project. Thanks for the INFO.

Thanks for the link below will be checking it out :)

great thanks for shereing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂🙂🙂🙂😍😍😍😍😍

I see great opportunity in this token because I can't see exaggerated marketing about HST unlike other coins (or tokens) without any good project. Once, they will emphasize marketing, the price will skyrocket and I want to participate in it. Right now it's listed only on Cryptopia, Kucoin, EhterDelta, and LiveCoin – once listed on some big exchange like Binance or Bittrex, the price will fly to the moon!

very interesting, was expecting something like this to surface by now... I wonder if this has a place for referendums and such, like what is going on in my own region of Catalonia right now.

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