Have Problems Trading Crypto? ITT ICO to The Rescue!

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I often make posts about trading, what to buy, when to sell and sometimes i describe different exchanges and ways to use them.

Lately after writing about leveraged trading, i got loads of questions on how to do that, how to do Technical Analysis etc.

Luckily this ICO started and it might be the trouble solver.

Intelligent Trading Tech

Currently, in presale you can buy ITT tokens with Ethereum, they will allow you to use their future systems for automated trading. So far they got 1,950,699 USD but theres still few more days to enter before the end.

The source code to ITT’s smart contract is publicly available on GitHub and the supply is limited to 21 000 000 ITT tokens. The Ethereum network enforces that there will never be more than this initial number of tokens minted.

Right now, they have beta bot on telegram but there's planned after launch panel where you will be able to customize bots, signals, targets and other options.

Longer Version from WhitePaper

If interested to find out more visit their website: http://intelligenttrading.org/

Longer post on the topic: http://fuk.io/intelligent-trading-technologies-sale-let-ai-bots-help-you-do-perfect-trades/

But of course - DYOR - Do your own research as always.

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I still don`t get it why they need their own token ?

They claim it is "needed" to pay the subscription.🤷🏻‍♂️

you can always pay the subscription with ether, no need for there own token. Money grab ICO, stay away from it.

This is the tokens that will grow. Proven by solid ecomomists. For the new exchange on October WCX offers a pro experience with 10x lower fees guarantee , Get yourself 50 FREE tokens!!! (10 WCX = 1 USD at ICO price), https://wcex.co/?ref=MPCIbEPD

Same question with me

Exactly! If the having an ICO or token does not necessarily add value to the project, it is likely a scam. I recently came across this article and find it very helpful to filter out most of the scams: How to detect that ICO is a scam

ICO are very interesting to know from white page.

what is a white page ?

sounds like a really exciting bot. I'll follow the link. Thanks

There are many ICO's lunched every day,it's hard to know what is scam and what is not.My way of dealing with ICO's is,ignore and forget.
Im not saying that's the smartest thing,but it is safest.

In my view this is a smart way. Maybe you shouldn`t ignore all of it, but if something interests you, you definitely should do a lot of research to know if something is worth to invest.

I've read up a lot on ITT & haven't been this excited about an ICO in a while! The product look really promising & their team is stacked!!! Already put 5 ETH into it, considering putting in more...

Sound like a great idea. Will you be able to trade on auto pilot with this bot? Like Bitconnect?

Yeah this is the idea of it. But why do they need their own token ?

still haven't made my mind up about bitconnect - is it a ponzi scheme?

Thanks for the news, and I just noticed fuk.io, nice!

Awesome post. Really great content.

Hi @kingscrown, This is probably my first comment to your posts. As a new crypto enthusiast, I found this article really helpful. You've been inspiration for many and all your posts are value packed. A great job to serve the Steemit community. Keep writing, inspiring and serving the community! 👍✌

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Looks like a good ICO do you know whats the price per 1 token ? Thank you <3

4.2M USD hardcap @21M Tokens so 0.2USD/Token

hii kingscrown there is no doubt that you are real king of cryptocurrency due to your effort for everyone in your post u always share a valuable and helping stuff. any question came into mind of everybody has soloution in your post. i really appreciated and supported you.

follow me

Thank you for this. I don't understand enough yet but I am doing well. When I am ready to trade I now have advice to follow. Much appreciated.

Might be promising!

i'm done with ico. hope all of them will be banned xD

Sounds very interesting i will check it, thanks for sharing.

Looks like a great fixed supply coin got a lot of potential hence the chinese interest

it looks like the only good thing about this unecessary coin is the fixed supply.

Sounds like an really interesting tool, hopefully it will live up to it's promise. Did you invest in this ICO? Thanks for sharing this with us. Cheers!

An interesting proposal @kingscrown, we need to conduct an analysis and a meeting :)

I like the ideas of trading bot but the bot should be program the best programming including but not limited to number of traders/investors join every coins, the monitoring of price and the proposed of buying must be below intrinsic value when it enters another quarter of trading. Secondly, the insider news must be advance as much as possible before 12 midnight before the break of the midnight. Thirdly, the bot should be integrated with fundamental analysis standing of crypto. Fourthly, should be integrate with the best indicators like Relative Strength Index of coins, Moving Average by 20 days to 120 days, Williams Trading Signals ect. Fithly, the Developer and CEO are not involved in previous scam project. Sixthly, Good organization chart and speed of chain of command and remove any red tape. Seventhly or lastly, the coins has clear White Paper and Progress Development Plan stages and Forecast of Profits. You need to be selected in participating in ICO. Read my previous related article about ICO and the things you need to consider before investing in ICO: https://steemit.com/ico/@rollycustodio1/what-is-the-meaning-of-ico-and-what-you-should-look-for-ico-before-investing. @ kingscrown please don't forget to up vote me and comments also in my articles so that we produce chain reactions. Thanks again for your excellent post!

Sounds very interesting will have to check it out,thanks for sharing.

@kingscrown i didnt find any telegram bot



I really like your post like this, you are a very great indeed.. vote @danker

Wow very good
I nice your post

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Interesting tool, I'll try to figure it out.

Wow nice project
And keep up

For me, trading is all about risk management, technical analysis, beware of news shaking the market, knowing well the companies you invest in and following your pre defined strategy. I am sure some artificial intelligence can help but I am skeptical on it screening real opportunities. I guess I will have to try.
Thanks for the info

Great project i guess because ITT uses the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence. Based on these technologies, the platform sends you actually working warnings (so-called signals), about entering or leaving from one or another position.
This platform guarantees you success in the crypto currency market, because each signal is generated live and contains a signal to a bull or bear trend. All alerts are based on a detailed report, which includes the technical analysis of price and volume indicators, as well as general moods in the market and news sites.

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sounds like a really exciting bot. I'll follow the link.


@kingscrown I will look into the ICO with the minimum numbers of token . I think it 's a good place to put my money. thanks for the information i have upvoted you and i will tell my friends about it.

the trading key is passion . remember you earn because an other lose .

Hello, I'm very good Venezuelan, your posting can give me your vote in my post, greetings

I think I have a problem, I can't stop investing in ICOs :(

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Thanks for sharing this info. Great info, we learn something new everyday.

I love reading whitepapers regarding projects like these! Thanks for the info!

deep new information being in crypto world thanx for this and keep posting more to share with us ur best expertise

Hope it gets conceptualised into a platform to serve traders.


Thanksz for.imformation

ICO Is one way to make big income, i not beliave with BCC i got more profit there !

This is a huge opportunity for invesmtnts...Thanks from my heart...

There is a simlar bot called cryptoping. Will this allow automated buy and sells?

another ico let me see more about it looks good though !!

Awesome Idea It's Even Better Than Bitconnect And Control-finance :)

Senki yuo

try pally ap!

Interesting tool, amazing! thanks a lot for sharing


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This is very interesting- and I definitely could need some assistance in the trading area :) thanks a lot for sharing !

Thank you for posting this, but I don't get why they need their own token. To pay for the subscription to a trading-tips-newsletter? Seriously? That's what they need $4.2M for? Seems dubious at best.

ICO's lunched every day ,inspiring and serving the community! 👍 nice post.

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Right now, they have beta bot on telegram but there's planned after launch panel where you will be able to customize bots, signals, targets and other options.

Thanks bother

This is actually a great idea. Thanks for sharing !

thank you for your post I like it

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nice new logo!
Nothin but Real ICOs only! Boss ICos only! THICC iCOs only!
I got my real ICOs here by my side! Only!

This type of contract trading can give huge returns and loss

Good well researched and well written article. Thanks

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Thank you for your hard work, dude. It's definitely brilliant and saves my time.

I still dont know why they neex a token too early for me