Get some free Polytmath tokens!

in #ethereum4 years ago is a project that will allow to create securities on blockchain easily.
Since we never know value of stuff until it hits markets but to get it for literally 30 seconds its not bad.

Visit site and join the airdrop. You will need ETH address (not from exchange!) and Telegram account.
Thats it.

Enjoy this free money.

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toxic telegram traffic bought with aidrop promise.

thanks, @kingscrown :)

Nice. Signed up. Thanks!!!!!

Hi brother @kingscrown
Thank you for sharing
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Thanks for the heads up! I need to finally get a Telegram account...

Everyone loves free coins baby!! Thanks for the heads up! 🤑

thats good, I like crypto currency because is the future of currencys.

Do i have to follow then on social media ? Or is it enough to join their telegram ? Didn't get an Email yet..

There is a stipulation that you need to have a positive ETH balance to receive the airdrop. They are doing this to weed out the bots. I think you just need a small amount like 0.01 ETH.

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i dont understant what are they ?

Just joined! Thanks for the tip! Cryptocurrency is the my currency!

Good news.. Thanx for sharing information with us.. Its good to sound but ll it work for pakistan?

yes it will work.

ethereum wallet or myetherwallet

I noticed this on the coinmarketcap website but didn't think anything of it

airdrops are always so much fun!

very nice and informative post.i followed you because u always share valuable content.good job and keep posting such contents,appreciated.

I cant seem to find a contract address. Normally I look at

Just confirmed by an admin in the Telegram chat-- there isn't a contract address yet.

I've been hearing some good things about the team at polymath, and who doesn't love an airdrop lol?? Thanks for keeping us up to date!

Thanks to you for important information about ETH

Let's be part of it , baby.

Thanks for letting us know! Free coins is always nice ;)

This acknowledgement creates great awareness to the heterogeneous audience. Thanks for bringing this at the right time. I look forward to see more developments

gracias por el dato compañero.

Well, I can't resist something free like that! Thanks for sharing, I will take advantage of this :P


welldone for a good job

The world of cryptocurrency them is increasingly big, always it is good to learn little mas on them

I will deal with this. Thanks for sharing. i made you upvote @kingscrown

There is no soutch thing called free. Who disagree???!?!??

Too many token, projects, currencys ... Don't know what to do! HELP?

Nice one there

Thank you @kingscrown. I'm joining right away. God bless you for sharing this information .

Nice post! I would love to have some free coins :) Who knows? They might worth thousands of dollars tomorrow.

Thanks! Have you found out the amount of tokens that are distributed and how much each user gets?

we have to invest with these beautiful things, everything will be perfect in the future.

Bitshare (BTS) has been offering this since 2014!

Do we know how long they'll be taking new signups?

Thakns for heads up!

Thank you @kingscrown. Free coins are free coins. You can't exactly predict will they cost anything in the future, but at least you'll have them)

Thanks @kingscrown let's go there

Thank you @kingscrown.
For the information, we like to try you. Always success

wow just joined it and entered my eth address too. hope it will work

Looks interesting and can be very useful in the future. Thank you for sharing :)

Thanks @kingscrown for sharing, I love free money, lol

All my wallets are from the exchanges. How do I own a ethereum wallet ? Can I own one free of cost. What is your suggestion in this regard.

Visit, follow the instructions and you're good to go

Really great information for all of us & thanks to share this important post.

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Smart contracts are deterministic exchange mechanisms controlled by digital means that can carry out the direct transaction of value between untrusted agents. They can be used to facilitate, verify, and enforce the negotiation or performance of economically-laden procedural instructions and potentially circumvent censorship, collusion, and counter-party risk. In Ethereum, smart contracts are treated as autonomous scripts or stateful decentralized applications that are stored in the Ethereum blockchain for later execution by the EVM. Instructions embedded in Ethereum contracts are paid for in ether (or more technically "gas") and can be implemented in a variety of Turing complete scripting languages.

Thanks for sharing to get a chance TO Free coins. Stay BLESSED.

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