FundRequest ICO - Decentralized Marketplace for Open Source Collaboration

in ethereum •  last year

This is another useful idea to let people make money for their work on stuff that normally they do for free - review and update opensource projects.

The main thing this solves is the missing link between no support and enterprise support for open source software. Now people can be paid for all their commits.

I believe Open Source is the way how software should be distributed this days especially with all hacks and possible bugs that only huge worldwide community can find (look at my todays post about Parity Wallet vulnerablity).

There is already alpha on testnet

Just use Rinkeby Testnet in MetaMask or so.


So now if you are a company or fan of some Open Source yet wants new functions you just post request and wait for devs to apply and do it.

Token Sale

They will sell 85M TOKENS at 1800FND/ 1 ETH ratio with 50,000 ETH MAX CAP.
40% of FND will be sold and 40% left for ecosystem incentivization ie to sponsor projects willing to work with FundRequest to kickstart the network.

If you register for presale and prove that you are developer, you will get 20% discount on the ICO.


Always do research before investing especially that you have enough time up here.

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most icos are scam


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idd thats why always do research!


I disagree most of them over valuate there companies doesn't mean its a scam just means that you should buy after the token. The tokens are usually cheaper and you can make a lot of money that way.


Many people think ICOS ARE SCAM. I feel we should wait until their ICO is over and they pass to be included in Coin Market Cap.


If you want to find legitimate cryptocurrenices, make sure you do your individual research on each currency you are looking at investing in. Also, if they aren't apart of the blockchain (i.e. it's a good suggestion the coin may be a scam.

If you are still uneasy, monitor the growth of any coin currency in its 'ico' (initial coin offering) phase and see if it starts to gain traction!

I like the last phrase "Always do research before Investing".

Another one, never put all your eggs in one basket. Always diversify yourself.


Indeed, you can lose with 9 ICOs and gain with 1 ico 50x

Interesting idea. I'll be watching out for this.

I'm going to support instead for now


Seen this one but didnt read much so far


Second that,
+we need to obtain critical mass on one of the projects to achieve wider and more sustained acceptance

Good job

Seems like a competitor for Steem's own I'm pretty partial to Utopian but will be interesting to see how this one fares as well. Could be a good indicator for the potential market for Utopian when/if it creates its own token (SMT most likely) and branches out of the Steem ecosystem.


I doubt Utopian would ever leave steem. There is too much value in being part of a community of application on a single blockchain. It helps stabilize the value of the blockchain. Plus it boosts the future growth of any given application even if it begins to stall.


Maybe I didn't write that clearly - I don't think Utopian will leave Steem. Right now it's only Steem users that are using Utopian, at some point it will hopefully attract people who weren't already steem users and bring them in to the ecosystem. That's what I mean by "branches out of the Steem ecosystem".

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Very very nice post i like it

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thenks for you information....

Good news thanks

Upvoted and resteemed..

I have already seen many money making ideas around this week, whom do I believe and whom not i don't know, but you have given a unique one, I might be try this brother. hope for the best

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Yes, always do your own research and never put all your eggs in one basket. But this basket deserves one or two eggs in it :)

Thanks for sharing

Awesome details and ask the people like earning so I also like it

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good news, thenks for you information....

Good job

Again very informative especially for me as i am learner and not a very technical expert person... but i have seen this post bit late can you please tag me whenever you post i will get the message any way well work done goodluck

Arent this same with

Fundrequest ICO has clear goals.This ICO will be of great value to users who cannot afford subscription based softwares.

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Is there any legal site to earn some BTC according to your knowledge?? I have already get a lot of fraud site.

Another ICO scam?maybe..

One of the biggest open source projects has been Mozilla Firefox.

thanks for blog on ICO. keep going .. Nice to read you

Great info

From what I understand, it would work more than anything for freelancers, it is the best method of getting people to apply for a job

Congratulations !


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nice post @kingscrown

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