Ethereum getting new BIG Exchange, Crosses 300 USD and more news!

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Bitstamp which is one of top FIAT exchanges gave us date of opening Ethereum trading - 17th August.

Yes until october there will be no fees, i assume they want to bring volumes to the exchange asap.

Bitstamp Markets

I have to say this is great news for people who like to use FIAT and want to buy ETH directly. Bitstamp has many cool options of even credit cards.

Ethereum Hit 300 USD Today

Its not the first time but people were really eager to see it. Currently it went a little down but its sure to re-test 300 soon.

Worth noting is that Korea is kicking the volume here.

Big companies are hiring!

IBM Visa Microsoft USAA.. all put job offers for Ethereum coders.

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Etherum has always been a solid project and a Long term HODL!

What does HODL mean? I keep seeing that everywhere!

you mean hodl!

You hodl BTC and hold ETH :)

Unfortunately I hold EOS, 700 pics.

EOS is not trustworthy I believe, something isn't right with the Ethereum they are holding.

I feel the same, and it's a damn shame.

It's like this wildcard that's hard for me to reconcile against my sound belief in Ether's mass adoption, in terms of not knowing what the impact of having that much of this coin under their own control, based on nothing more than concept at this point, and not knowing how or when they are going to wield that influence.

Then, I start to think that maybe this lingering uncertainty was a primary objective of EOS' ICO after all - with both its form and function setup to gain the most funds possible, regardless of profit margins or need, in a means specifically created to have their most likely competition by the balls even before release, and regardless of the success or failure of their own proposed product alternative.


What does hodl mean?

Hodl is just a term that has been adopted by the crypto community after a user on Reddit misspelled hold (I believe that is the story anyway)

Hold on for dear life

True that.

I'm hodling it like a baby.

My friend sold his Etherium for byteball distribution at 200+ nw he has to chase it to buy back :(

Yes right

Really Awesome post thanks !!....My new post ...[Akshardham Temple]

Bitstamp was my first exchange to buy my bitcoins from and I am still using them for BTC purchases.... after then I used them to buy my XRP.... They are slowly building up their game and adding more with LTC being available as ETH trading pairs.... Not only Bitstamp but the crypto space is getting bigger and bigger and the coming growth over the next 2 or 3 years will be enormous... It is time to fasten the seat belts because this train is just leaving the station and is not going to slow down.... I am so excited to see what the next few years will bring to us! Thanks for sharing and steem on!

nice post. I'm a big fan of ETH.
But my favorite is PIVX. How do you think about it?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Eth breaking out versus BTC and soon a new ATH on USD.

Ethereum is a Great investment

Don't forget Amazon is hiring a Blockchain Architect as well, posted yesterday! Looking for someone with experience in Sawtooth, DokChain, Ethereum, Eris, and Blockstock...
Here's the posting on Amazon's official website

Great info as always @kingscrown ... check this one out, going to be big -

Thank you for posting this. Incredible to also see major corporations like Microsoft, Visa and IBM investing in their own block chain technologies. Crypto is definitely here to stay and the the exponential growth in the future is going to be extraordinary.

Thanks for sharing!

This is excellent news. I received the e-mail this morning. I have used Bit Stamp for many years and they are one of the few exchanges I trust (as much as you can trust an exchange- I still don't keep assets stored there). Looking forward to this opening up.

The tinny mean looking king, with the poking sword amuses me.

This is really great news :) It will be big boost for all Ethereum community. Thanks for your post :) Upvoted!

I need your opinion about my new project based on Blockchain. Can you tell me what do you think?

I will be really grateful :)

So what I suspect will happen is that the price of ETH is going to go down in the coming days. Not by too much, I don't think. But once August 17th comes around, the price will go up due to lots of people buying on Bitstamp. Good opportunity here, everyone!


Every coin is related to bitcoin, ethereum goes 300 when bitcoin goes more than 3000, so it's not because ethereum is a good currency, it's because bestcoin is the best. ☺

I saw ethereum's price the same way when I started to buy some. It's also good for you to know that your average upvotes when you use the hashtag - #bitcoin is 24.3. Don't ask me how I know XD

Let's test this :-D
Clif High's bot predicts #bitcoin over 13.000 net year

Good stuff. This makes the case for ETH even stronger as there are quite a few good things going for the ETH community at the moment.If interested i made a post of why ETH is on track to do very well. You can find it here, check it out if interested.
Either way thanks for the news and upvoted of course. Lets ride ETH til way past 400 USD this month! Cheers

Gogo Ether!

Thanks for posting, Ethereum may soon take the no.1 spot. It's obvious the big tech companies realize crypto is the future and there no better time than now to start implementing it.

It's Ranked 9th in your hashtag earnings

Ethereum may be doing good but it's ranked 9th in your hashtag earnings with a total of $12,523.58

How I know this?

Wow... this could bring it to the 500 mark...

Cryptos are here to stay indeed, upped. I hope that EOS and steemit will do great too as indicated in my blog post (pls check it out : Exposed: @Dan Hidden Plan To Take Over The World ) . Thanks for sharing.

It's quite exciting to see companies like Microsoft and Visa seeking blockchain programmers and developers! It's finally going to get the recognition it deserves. Thank you for sharing kingscrown

Big news

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Now that's some good news about Etherium!
With all that's going on right now, its hard to decide just which crypto to buy , so its just best for me to buy a little of this and that for now, some bitcoin, Etherium and litecoin

NEM, which is #5, is also doing good. Unfortunately, I do not find a wallet fot it. But it is cheap and it is growing. IOTA also is doing good. Well, after the fork, all of them have been doing good, except BTC Cash that came down 1 step.

Yeah I actually was looking at NEM wallet, but I keep coming back to the thought if it takes bitcoin or Etherium to buy it I might as well stick with the bitcoin, or eth.

good news for those who are holding this currency as its growing slow but surly , thanks for sharing

creo que el eth es la cripmoneda que va a mandar el trading en un mediano plazo.

I suspect in less than two years from now cryptocurrencies will be mainstream and FIAT history, this transition is picking speed very fast. Soon we will see a variety of altcoins being circulated, and hopefully it will keep being unregulated.

There are already rumors that even the Federal Reserve is going to create its own coin. Doug Casey, the economist, is saying the name will be FEDCOIN. He is also saying that we should not keep the $100 bill (dollar). You can check the video here

That is expected, I'm starting to feel that all this cryptomarket is somehow controlled by the same people who are behind the old banking system. I mean we all know they wanted to get rid of cash, well there you have it, cash is becoming history. Electronic tender can be easily controlled. The recent Bitcoin fork is made me think in the last couple of days about what might be going behind the scene, and well I just wrote an article about it, but it's only my feeling that I have on the subject, no facts.

These are some great news. Practically no fees sounds really good and it will probably attract a lot of people. Ethereum is going strong!

Hey @kingscrown Indeed your posts brings to the fore the potential of the hidden giant called ETH
ETH is increasing in market cap too and it would be really interesting to see when it due course of time it surpasses the market cap of BTC and becomes the big daddy of the crypto world and then the real value in terms of price would emerge. Till then we have the opportunity to to take our piggy banks and exchange out fiat to ETH and enjoy the up word ride. What do you think?

W0w! Bl0ckchain here putting food on the table by providing m0re jobs and giving ordinary ppl a chance to work from home while earning a living.
Great info, ETH 0n the rise!

Awesome information @kingscrown sir, this post really helps all steemians ethereum is really popular coin!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

yes etherium grow up but some slowly may it take some time to hit its high value and sure its hit sir...and really its good new for fiat like people's

Good stuff @kingscrown wish i got the dollar you do each post! Takes time I guess! 🔝💪

I almost sold mine and I'm so glad I didn't, thanks for the information!

Good job brother.. I want like you.

great news! thank you, it is resteemt.

I have a few of them What do you think about EOS having potential also???

I am betting on EOS at the moment. I think you should lookup a guy called crypto investor. he recommend EOS as well

I follow him thank you Yes EOS is my next coin Thank you!

The use case for ethereum has prompted mass adoption. Some can't differentiate between ether (the token) and ethereum (the blockchain) but hodl either way for its potential gains. Either way, ethereum has proven the unbeliever wrong and has continued on a path of amazing success.

Great! I'm not moving any of my eth until serenity

This coin isn't appreciating mehn


Sweet! That is good news indeed. Thx for the heads up on that. I have held off on getting in Eth yet, but I am solidly leaning that way. Fiat dollar averaging in, of course. :)

I think and hope by the end of the year ETH will be at $ 600. Was a good day today to see ETH going back up to $ 318.

So cool! Guess who's starting with ETH and has two thumbs?

Big time HODL..I have been accumulating monthly

HOLD! for the long haul, Ether bunny is giving out crypto eggs!

I saw how Visa and Microsoft were looking for Ethereum developers.
Seems like there might be a bright future for ETH and that is seen by how the price keeps going up and up now haha
Thanks for the information @kingscrown

I am holding some cryptos. But have been wondering if holding long makes more sense or I should reap the profit? Still debating.

keep it and forget about it. I sold mine for quick profit and regret it

Thanks for sharing your insights.

That is another great news for ethereum.

yeah, after summer sleeping time the cryptocurrencies coming back to life now... i think the prices will be even more impressive in september-october

I sold my ETH like a noob, feelsbadman. Tough lesson learnt

Ethereum is back, baby! Yeah!

It's been my favourite coin for most of this year but I must admit, all those ICOs and the general downturn a month or so back shook my faith. Getting hype again though :D

thanks your post , it let me know some about the btc market ! i'll keep learning and reading !

After Bitcoin being over $3000, Ethereum will be $500 soon!

Thanks for the tip.

Support me and enter here your collaboration is important

Plex coin will be the strongest ICOs coming up .it could be the next Bitcoin, It is the next decentralized worldwide cryptocurrency, based on the Ethereum structure. It’s pre sale will be one of the most important of the year They plan to make PlexCoin Visa cards, which connect to your Plex Wallet. Pre- sale has started. And read 61 pages white paper for more details . If you never had the opportunity to invest in bitcoin when it started , this is an opportune time to invest..

nice article!

Etherium is best , big project

Ethereum will surprise all of us shortly just wait my friend. Those who have hold it will be the big winners.

how do 300$ ?

Ethereum is a Great investment!!

nice, i remember last month when everyone was crazy because eth was under 200$

Ether seems to be a good investment. There is only one thing I do not like of it: it has 16 decimals instead of 8 decimals. Mining Ethereum takes an eternity!!! Good information on your site, my friend. Like always!! Upvoted and re-steemited

Have never bothered with ethereum before but have to admit it's looking strong and very promising in today's market .

good news this :)

Yes definitely! but now look at Ethereum classic also it is now ready to fly in this second half


I just saw this post. I don't know if you've seen it yet. It's obviously from an admirer.

This is awesome news

I already thought that with Etherum everything is finished. And it will not grow any more.

I see that coming before

Wow! This is very exiting for all miners...

Hold ETH and STEEM they are going to make you rich for sure.

Thank you for the info, very helpful


Price will rise for sure :)

thanks for the new info! :)

If you can have look the market cap of Ethereum is starting to close on Bitcoin.
Maybe on day it will surpass BTC as the leading Crypto currency!

Great post. Thanks for the information. I am fairly new to ethereum and been recently been doing a lot of research.

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Good business, and good luc

Great news for ETH. Seems like 500$ is ahead of us :D

Visa hiring a blockchain expert is a big news for me. It may be a hint at becoming a part of the blockchain revolution.

Ethereum buyable at an exchange like Bitstamp is also a massive news. The people who already are buying Bitcoin now on that exchange are definitely going to benefit.

Thanks @kingscrown for sharing these amazing news

Thank you for your post on Ethereum. Recently I made some research and found out about the potential of this cryptocoin and started to try to find easy, inexpensive ways you can get small bits of Ethereum online. Once again, thank you for sharing with us!


Good to see the discounts being offered. Will drive a lot of business their way.

Many of the banks in Canada are hiring folks with experience coding blockchain technologies. It's a new age.

This is very prospective, let's see the brighter side.

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